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Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday, May 6, 2016

How to Enable Developer Option for Debug or Install APK for Testing in Android OS

Developer always try to do their work easy. Android Developer have so much Option for Testing APK which he/she developed. But Easiest way to debug and test Android APK is the install in Mobile or Tablet. Google also release Android Studio 2.0 with Fastest Emulator Developer have also option for Run APK. Today i am going to give you step for how to enabling Developer Option for Testing and Debugging APK file.

How to Enable Developer Option for Debug or Install APK for Testing in Android OS

Step 1 - open the Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom, and tap About phone or About tablet.

Step 2 - Scroll down to the bottom of the About screen and find the Build number.

Step 3 - Tap the Build number field seven times to enable Developer Options.

Step 4 - When you’re done, you’ll see the message “You are now a developer!”

Step 5 - Back button and you’ll see the Developer options menu just above the “About Phone” section in Settings

Monday, November 2, 2015

How to Install Laravel On Windows

Step by Step ! How to Install Laravel in Windows with Tips !


I assume you have XAMPP or equivalent installed and running. If not then download it from

: Composer :

Then second thing you should have is composer. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. To check if you already have composer installed, open command prompt and type following command and hit enter:
composer –version
If you see composer version then it is installed, but if you don’t see that and instead see:
composer’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
Then you need to install composer. So download and install composer by following steps from here:

Installing Laravel via Composer:

We will install Laravel using composer. But first you need to switch to your wwwroot directory.  For XAMPP it will be htdocs folder in your xampp directory.
Type following command in command prompt and hit enter:
This will start downloading laravel and its dependencies that may take few minutes.
And it is installed. To test it hit:
And you should see Laravel welcome screen. Once you have Laravel installed and running, Laravel website has a good documentation that you can follow. And if you want even better source than that,Laracasts is the place to start.