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Friday, February 27, 2015

Anyone can sign up for iWork on iCloud without an Apple device… for real this time

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed Apple’s beta iCloud site was allowing anyone to sign up for the company’s productivity suite on the Web – no Apple device required.
If you tried to sign up via the standard iCloud site, however, you’d be presented with an error. No longer: anyone can sign up for access to Pages, Numbers and Keynotes, officially.

As with before, you simply need to follow the prompt to create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one and follow the steps. If you already have an account but don’t own an Apple device, you’ll be prompted to verify your account.
Since you’ll need some storage too, Apple will give you 1GB to go with your fancy new Apple account.

That said, the apps themselves still display a beta tag, but it’s nice to see Apple opening up its ecosystem a bit; cloud apps run on cross-platform Web standards, so there was no good reason to force users to have owned an Apple device before.