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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Top 10 Blog for YouTubers must Visit always for Create Cool Video of Channel

If you are video blogger and love to make some innovative video for your subscriber's then you must have to visit below blog which gives you best tips and tricks for how to make best video and editing of the video with best tool in the market for editing your video. 

Most of  YouTuber always use After Effect for their video's So, today top blog which gives you tips and tricks about the how to editing video using after-effect step by step guide with new update of motion effect, tool update, how to use tools and plugins for tool and create cool and attractive video for your subscriber. 

Top 10 Blog for YouTubers must Visit always for Create Cool Video of Channel

1. Lester Banks
2. PremiumBeat
3. Pro Video Coalition
4. Motionographer
5. Video Copilot
6. Motion Script
7. RocketStock (Shameless Plug)
8. Creative COW
9. Creative Planet Network
10. Art of VFX

If you like this all top 10 site for motion and effect for your video then share with your Vblogger friends and suggest them to use those best effect to attract their YouTube Subscriber's grow more and more. Also what you had create share with us in below comment box we love to see what you had create using this effect's. :) Thanks

Friday, May 13, 2016

7 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editor

Film-Makers and Video Editor be ready for doing best work for your Video and Editing your best video. If you love to do work-harder for your video and want to do new video effect with new idea of shooting video. Video Editing will make your YouTube Subscriber grow more and more. So, Today list of YouTube Channel for Learning new and updated features of Editing Tools tips and Tricks. Below YouTube Channel list for you just visit and learn some new effect for your video. :) make sure share some other video channel which help you most to grow your channel subscriber. :) also which is the best channel for you to learn basic and advanced video editing.  

7 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editor 

1. Film Riot

Monday, May 9, 2016

Android Best Video Tutorial Website with New Updates of Android

Today i am going to share with you Best and Popular Android Video Tutorial Websites which always up to date with new tips and tricks for Android. We always try to learn free and in our developer community we always think for how Junior developer can learn easily. Some of the Silly Mistake takes our hole day to solve the problem and we always try to find the solution on Internet. So, just i am listing two sites which really helps you lot for start learning Android from Beginning.  

On the Internet too much Android Video Tutorial's their but right now the best tutorial and regularly update with New Android Technologies and Tools Website below so, you can find easily where you have to go in Android. - Android development video tutorials from Android GDEs. You might be confused why i am going to share GDE. so, If you know GDE is stand for Google Developer Expert. It's community for Developer who had expertise on some level they got this badge from Google. About the Contains both free and paid tutorials. First Choose Android Basic and Free Tutorial if you like and understand then you can join for the Paid one. - Android App Development - Beginners. It's FREE.

If you man who just do not want to learn Android but whole technology which have good reputation in the market this is the best site to start Android and other technologies which is just start for you. You might like Android, Java, Python, some one want Graphics Designing, Game Development and much more what you want It's here for the Developer, Designer, Blogger, Gamer.

Yeh just do visit the site both are fabulous for learning Android Video Tutorial and you must like both for Beginners and Expert Developer who want to grow their knowledge. If you know more about Video Tutorial of Android Who provide best quality of video's then share it with us and our valuable readers. :)