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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Best Video Editing Software In 2018

Why Video Editing Is Important

In Today's generation, People are more zeal on Creating Audio, Video, and images for hobby and other professional work purposes also.A Good Video It may be a Music Video, Corporate marketing video or anything else have some stages to make perfect and Interesting video 

  • Pre - Production
  • Production 
  • Post-Production

While making Video it is important to what you are trying to make and what you want to show to the public for example while making a film without cameraman your shot can be ruined, without good director your scene is very confusing and not understanding very well, but without Video Editor All aspects of video production no longer come together to create standard film that you are trying to create and more on youtube channel filmmaking and video editing

Top 10 video editor that Useful

No Video Editor Software
1 Pinnacle studio 
2 AVS Video Editor
3 Adobe Premiere Elements
4 Final Cut Pro X 
5 Imovie
6 CyberLink PowerDirector
7 Adobe Premiere Pro 
8 Avid Media Composer
9 ShotCut
10 Light Works

Image Source : wondershare

Knowing More About Video Editing Software And Features

Pinnacle Studio : Pinnacle Studio is very popular for especially in Video editing and Providing Attractive and power result in editing purpose, providing attractive interface, a more add video effects and the ability to video uploading in various social networking sites, for example, Vimeo, Youtube, facebook so pinnacle is very favirout in  editing in video especially.It is a paid editor.

AVS Video Editor: It a standard Video editor software with more than 670 transition video Effects , for disk menu 34 template and 46 text option It's Providing facility like drag and drop facility It is also simple and easy to customize more on AVS support many formats e.g. AVI, WMV, Mobile Video, WebM Files, Adobe Flash High Definition quality, MPEG and also other.

Adobe Premiere Element: Adobe Premiere Elements allow the user to use special effects and wide range effects like in the cinematic video, film look, slow motion, speed Up, It is also easy to manage, familiar support and share video to popular social networking sites.

Image Source : pcmag

Final Cut Pro: most best Useful for apple use this is one of the best editors for Mac user, it is a powerful video editor its also a very useful for a beginner those who want to learn video editing and bring best all types of output services. 
suitable features: MPEG, HDV, H.264, Apple Pro-Res.

Imovie: If you love mac than this one gone a very attractive for you, for learning purposes or beginners iMovie is the special video editor for user its also free and more without help user can maintain and work on editing on iMovie more iMovie is free for the user.

Supporting Input formats: IFrame, h.264, HDV, Apple Animation Codec, Motion JPEG, AVCHD, MP4, MOV.
Result Output: HDV, Apple PixletVideH.264, MPEG 

CyberLink PowerDirector: If you want to great  environment  in editing than this one is for you at mid-low budget, this  software regularly bring update with latest features as possible, bring you 360-degree video editing and supporting wide range of color varieties with audio-video, image formats with multi-purpose editing

Supporting Formats: H.264, MP4, FLV, MPEG-4, MVC (MTS).
Result Output : WMV,H.264 AVC, H.265, HEVC, XAVCS, and many more supporting options.

Adobe Premiere Pro: When you want to video editing Adobe Premiere pro it is first that you heard first.this is a not only strong editor but also simple familiar to use.if you want to use photoshop editing and other stuff premiere is the best among other. supporting in Mac and Windows.

Supprting inputs format : MPG,MOV, M2V ,FLV, MTS,MP4,MPEG,AVI
Result Output: 3Gp, MP4, HEVC  MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, AAC and many more other results produces

Avid Media Composer: Its a high and end video editor and also company release avid media composer first, if you are trying to make a big project than this one is for you bring you an excellent result and supporting windows and mac both.

Supporting Input formats: H.264, XDCAM, MPEG-2, AVCHD, DV, MPEG-4  AND MORE
Output result: DV, DVPRO, H.264, AVC, AVC Intra, MPEG and many more other results produces

Shotcut: Shortcut is open source and free for use with providing you with all editing tool which amazes you, the editor supports a wider range of color effects audio video supporting the format and more its support in mac, windows and Linux also.

Supporting Formats: Based On FFmpeg hence support all type of video formats
Output Result: H.264, WebM, MPEG-2, ProRes and other more produces a result.

LightWorks: If you want high-end grade video editing software or Linux based video editing this one is best for you the editor supports all kind of video formats which you want to use it also supports multi-cam editing with 4k content really well.ita also free of cost with paid version and supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Video Editor Software Overall Contribution  

Video Editing is more important for creating our favirout video also useful in filmmaking, photoshop making, High-end color image making, editor software make the video interesting, fashionable and high -classic video producing in varieties of formats, so overall advantage od video editor makes a huge difference in all the way in different genres.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

After Effect Top 5 Logo Templates

After Effect is the best tool to create an logo and impress your client with brand. So, are you ready to impress your client with best logo impression. Today, with top 5 After Effects intro templates free download and no plugins. It's are easy to use, fast to render and very well organized. There are many styles (3D, reveal, many texts, long…) exclusively on our site, you can use these templates in any sharing site videos (like YouTube intro) and can find more here or in Channel. Let's get started and out your first impression in your client mind.
After Effect Top 5 Logo Templates 

NoList of After Effect Templates for Logo
2Funky Opener
3Aqua Garden
4Head in the Clouds

1 - Stylish
Size: 0.5 MB
Duration: 00:00:08

2 - Funky Opener
Size: 0.4 MB
Duration: 00:00:17

3 - Aqua Garden
Size: 83 MB
Duration: 00:00:12

4 - Head in the Clouds
Size: 10 MB
Duration: 00:00:15

 5 - Grunge
Size: 0.9 MB
Duration: 00:00:13

Friday, January 13, 2017

YouTuber must have to know about the below Tools

List of Tools YouTuber must have to know

> Videos Motion Pro 
> Laughingbird Software
> fresh key for keyword research
> addmefast FOR LIKE 
> Audacity 
> Tuberank Jeet 
> whiteboard animation
> camtasia 
> Imacros
> audacity
> windows movie maker
>  Handbrake
> Hma pro
> long tail pro 
> idm
> Visual Composer (wordpress) 
> YT views Panel
> vidiq 
> tubebuddy 
> skype 
> facebook to watch what are trending :D 

comment your tools now :)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Best Useful 10 Essential Filmmaking Tools Under Rs.10,000

Best Useful 10 Essential Filmmaking Tools Under Rs.10,000 

1. Canon 50mm F/1.8 II
Price: 7,700 /-

Canon 50mm F/1.8 II

2. Spider Rig
Price: 12,495 /-

Spider Rig

3. Camera Cage
Price: 8,700 /-

Gearbox Camera Cage

4. Yongnuo YN-300-II LED Light
Price: 6,999 /-

Yonguno YN-300-II LED Light

5. Hoodman Compact Collapsable Viewfinder (For Canon LCD)
Price: 14,000 /-

Hoodman Compact Collapsable Viewfinder

6. Benro A48FD Series 4 Monopod
Price: 3080 /-

Benro A48FD Series 4 Monopod

7. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones
Price: 6,999 /-

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

8. Rode VideoMic GO
Price: 5,400 /-


9. Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder
Price: 10,500 /-

Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder

10. Lowpro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW
Price: 2,599 /-

Lowpro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW

11 Most-Useful After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Editing is the trends on those days. People want their video looks awesome and people most favourite channel. We always create video's in After Effect with special effects but the problem is that after effect is too much hard software to understand in short time when we start learning video editing using after effect. But here is some of easy way for after effect tool. How to do easy work with editing in After-effect keyboard shortcuts for you. 

Speed up your motion graphic workflow in a big way with these must-know After Effects keyboard shortcuts.

11 Most-Useful After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Fit to Canvas Width

Shortcut: Shift+Command+Option+H

2. Fit to Canvas

Shortcut: Command+Option+F

3. Set Start Point or End Point

Shortcut: [ or ]

4. Replace

Shortcut: Option + Drag

5. Drag to Retime

Shortcut: Selected Keyframes + Option

6. Full Screen Panel

Shortcut: ~

7. Skip Frames

Shortcut: Command + Right Arrow or Left Arrow

8. Go to Layer In-Point or Out-Point

Shortcut: I or O

9. Add to Composition from Project Panel

Shortcut: Command + / + +

10. Time Remapping

Shortcut: Command+Option+T

11. Unlock All Layers

Shortcut: Command+Shift+L

If you want to know more keyboard shortcuts then visit Adobe After Effect And Yes, if you know some other cool and use-full Keyboard Shortcuts which daily use but i didn't mention then Comment below share which is this ? also share with your friend video editor :) .

Top 10 Blog for YouTubers must Visit always for Create Cool Video of Channel

If you are video blogger and love to make some innovative video for your subscriber's then you must have to visit below blog which gives you best tips and tricks for how to make best video and editing of the video with best tool in the market for editing your video. 

Most of  YouTuber always use After Effect for their video's So, today top blog which gives you tips and tricks about the how to editing video using after-effect step by step guide with new update of motion effect, tool update, how to use tools and plugins for tool and create cool and attractive video for your subscriber. 

Top 10 Blog for YouTubers must Visit always for Create Cool Video of Channel

1. Lester Banks
2. PremiumBeat
3. Pro Video Coalition
4. Motionographer
5. Video Copilot
6. Motion Script
7. RocketStock (Shameless Plug)
8. Creative COW
9. Creative Planet Network
10. Art of VFX

If you like this all top 10 site for motion and effect for your video then share with your Vblogger friends and suggest them to use those best effect to attract their YouTube Subscriber's grow more and more. Also what you had create share with us in below comment box we love to see what you had create using this effect's. :) Thanks

Friday, May 13, 2016

7 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editor

Film-Makers and Video Editor be ready for doing best work for your Video and Editing your best video. If you love to do work-harder for your video and want to do new video effect with new idea of shooting video. Video Editing will make your YouTube Subscriber grow more and more. So, Today list of YouTube Channel for Learning new and updated features of Editing Tools tips and Tricks. Below YouTube Channel list for you just visit and learn some new effect for your video. :) make sure share some other video channel which help you most to grow your channel subscriber. :) also which is the best channel for you to learn basic and advanced video editing.  

7 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editor 

1. Film Riot