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Friday, August 4, 2017

Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming

Today we are going to explore the new IDE's for Machine Learning. In 2017 Machine Learning skill's is on top of the skill people searching for and want to learn. Today we are going to list some of the IDE's and some best features they are providing to use in Machine Learning.

Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming 

JuPyter/IPython Notebook

  • It is open source.
  • It can support up to 40 languages, and it includes languages popular for data science such as Python, R, Scala, Julia, etc.
  • It allows one to create and share the documents with equations, visualization and most importantly live codes.
  • There are interactive widgets from which code can produce outputs such as videos, images, and LaTeX. Not only this, interactive widgets can be used to visualize and manipulate data in real-time.
  • It has got Big Data integration where one can take advantage of Big Data tools, such as Apache Spark, from Scala, Python, and R. One can explore the same data with libraries such as pandas, scikit-learn, ggplot2, dplyr, etc.
  • The Markdown markup language can provide commentary for the code, that is, one can save logic and thought process inside the notebook and not in the comments section as in Python.
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming 


  • It includes creative code completion for classes, objects and keywords, auto-indentation and code formatting, and customizable code snippets and formats,
  • It shows on-the-fly error highlighting (displays error as you type). It also contains PEP-8 for Python that helps in writing neat codes that are easy to support for other languages.
  • It has features for serving fast and safe refactoring.
  • It includes a debugger for Python and JavaScript with a graphical UI. One can create and run tests with a GUI-based test runner and coding assistance.
  • It has a quick documentation/definition view where one can see the documentation or object definition in the place without losing the context. Also, the documentation provided by JetBrains is comprehensive, with video tutorials.
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming 


  • It is open source.
  • Its editor supports code introspection/analysis features, code completion, horizontal and vertical splitting, and goto definition.
  • It comes with Python and IPython consoles workspace, and it supports debugging runtime, i.e., as soon as you type it will display the errors.
  • It has got a documentation viewer where it shows documentation related to classes or functions called either in editor or console.
  • It also supports variable explorer where one can explore and edit the variables that are created during the execution of file from a graphic user interface like Numpy array ones.
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming 


  • It makes it easy to explore, compare, and interact with data frames and plots.
  • The Rodeo text editor comes with auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and built-in IPython support so that writing code gets faster.
  • Rodeo comes integrated with Python tutorials. It also includes cheat sheets for quick material reference.
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming
Best IDE for Machine Learning Programming 


  • Its editor supports syntax highlighting and line numbering.
  • It also comes with features like auto-completion, auto closing of braces, auto closing of HTML, and XML tags.
  • It includes code folding and code navigation.
  • One can build systems to compile and execute the code with the help of external codes.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Free DOS Attacking Tools

Free DOS Attacking Tools

1. LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon)
LOIC is one of the most popular DOS attacking tools freely available on the Internet. This tool was used by the popular hackers group Anonymous against many big companies’ networks last year. Anonymous has not only used the tool, but also requested Internet users to join their DDOS attack via IRC.
It can be used simply by a single user to perform a DOS attack on small servers. This tool is really easy to use, even for a beginner. This tool performs a DOS attack by sending UDP, TCP, or HTTP requests to the victim server. You only need to know the URL of IP address of the server and the tool will do the rest.
Image 1: Low Orbit Ion Canon
You can see the snapshot of the tool above. Enter the URL or IP address and then select the attack parameters. If you are not sure, you can leave the defaults. When you are done with everything, click on the big button saying “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER” and it will start attacking on the target server. In a few seconds, you will see that the website has stopped responding to your requests.
This tool also has a HIVEMIND mode. It lets attacker control remote LOIC systems to perform a DDOS attack. This feature is used to control all other computers in your zombie network. This tool can be used for both DOS attacks and DDOS attacks against any website or server.
The most important thing you should know is that LOIC does nothing to hide your IP address. If you are planning to use LOIC to perform a DOS attack, think again. Using a proxy will not help you because it will hit the proxy server not the target server. So using this tool against a server can create a trouble for you.

XOIC is another nice DOS attacking tool. It performs a DOS attack an any server with an IP address, a user-selected port, and a user-selected protocol. Developers of XOIC claim that XOIC is more powerful than LOIC in many ways. Like LOIC, it comes with an easy-to-use GUI, so a beginner can easily use this tool to perform attacks on other websites or servers.
Image 2: XOIC
In general, the tool comes with three attacking modes. The first one, known as test mode, is very basic. The second is normal DOS attack mode. The last one is a DOS attack mode that comes with a TCP/HTTP/UDP/ICMP Message.
It is an effective tool and can be used against small websites. Never try it against your own website. You may end up crashing your own website’s server.
3. HULK (HTTP Unbearable Load King)
HULK is another nice DOS attacking tool that generates a unique request for each and every generated request to obfuscated traffic at a web server. This tool uses many other techniques to avoid attack detection via known patterns.
It has a list of known user agents to use randomly with requests. It also uses referrer forgery and it can bypass caching engines, thus it directly hits the server’s resource pool.
The developer of the tool tested it on an IIS 7 web server with 4 GB RAM. This tool brought the server down in under one minute.
4. DDOSIM—Layer 7 DDOS Simulator
DDOSIM is another popular DOS attacking tool. As the name suggests, it is used to perform DDOS attacks by simulating several zombie hosts. All zombie hosts create full TCP connections to the target server.
This tool is written in C++ and runs on Linux systems.
These are main features of DDOSIM
  • Simulates several zombies in attack
  • Random IP addresses
  • TCP-connection-based attacks
  • Application-layer DDOS attacks
  • HTTP DDoS with valid requests
  • HTTP DDoS with invalid requests (similar to a DC++ attack)
  • TCP connection flood on random port
Read more about this tool here:

5. R-U-Dead-Yet
R-U-Dead-Yet is a HTTP post DOS attack tool. For short, it is also known as RUDY. It performs a DOS attack with a long form field submission via the POST method. This tool comes with an interactive console menu. It detects forms on a given URL and lets users select which forms and fields should be used for a POST-based DOS attack.
6. Tor’s Hammer
Tor’s Hammer is another nice DOS testing tool. It is a slow post tool written in Python. This tool has an extra advantage: It can be run through a TOR network to be anonymous while performing the attack. It is an effective tool that can kill Apache or IIS servers in few seconds.
Download TOR’s Hammer here:

7. PyLoris
PyLoris is said to be a testing tool for servers. It can be used to perform DOS attacks on a service. This tool can utilize SOCKS proxies and SSL connections to perform a DOS attack on a server. It can target various protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, and Telnet. The latest version of the tool comes with a simple and easy-to-use GUI. Unlike other traditional DOS attacking tools, this tool directly hits the service.
It is another nice tool to perform DOS attacks. You can use this tool to check whether your web server is able to defend DOS attack or not. Not only for defense, it can also be used to perform DOS attacks against a website.
DAVOSET is yet another nice tool for performing DDOS attacks. The latest version of the tool has added support for cookies along with many other features. You can download DAVOSET for free from Packetstormsecurity.
10. GoldenEye HTTP Denial Of Service Tool
GoldenEye is also a simple but effective DOS attacking tool. It was developed in Python for testing DOS attacks, but people also use it as hacking tool.

Friday, January 13, 2017

YouTuber must have to know about the below Tools

List of Tools YouTuber must have to know

> Videos Motion Pro 
> Laughingbird Software
> fresh key for keyword research
> addmefast FOR LIKE 
> Audacity 
> Tuberank Jeet 
> whiteboard animation
> camtasia 
> Imacros
> audacity
> windows movie maker
>  Handbrake
> Hma pro
> long tail pro 
> idm
> Visual Composer (wordpress) 
> YT views Panel
> vidiq 
> tubebuddy 
> skype 
> facebook to watch what are trending :D 

comment your tools now :)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

List of Tools for Data Visualization Projects

List of Tools for Data Visualization Projects
List of Tools for Data Visualization Projects

Data Visualization is the most important for the giant business. Managed and get result in billions of data. How they managed and what the steps for the Developer to Develop the kind of Data for the Company or want to share something with the people. So, Today I had research of the How we can get best result of the Data below some of the Tools which helps you to define complex data into the graphical visualization.

1. Excel
If you are non-developer and want to set your data then this is the best tools for your data. you can get best result with no complexity. Things was you have to know what the data is and how you need in the Graphics.

2. Google Sheets
One of the Best Open Source easy and non-developer tools. You can generate Data to graphics how you want and also if you are business person and want to grow more with your data then you can purchase G-Suite for the Business in that best templates for data visualization.

3. Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio is the best tools for the more complex data to visualize and share with the world. You have to use Google data to predict anything or you can enter your own personal data to present anywhere.

4. TimelineJS

TimelineJS is the Developer tools for the developer to managed all the data and how they can get the best result from the Web. Using the TimelineJS you can customized your data for web.

5. Chart.js
This is also the good Data tools. You can do all with Web also if you want to combine all the result for mobile user's you can use. Chart.js also provide solution for the Enterprise seeking for the data visualization.

6. Fusioncharts
Fusioncharts Provide complex data visualization tools to web, mobile and enterprise. FusionCharts Suite has 90+ chart types and 965 maps for visualising data. You can buy plan and also you can become a reseller for the Fusionchart.

This is some of the Tools Which helps you to know how you can managed your data.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Best Useful 10 Essential Filmmaking Tools Under Rs.10,000

Best Useful 10 Essential Filmmaking Tools Under Rs.10,000 

1. Canon 50mm F/1.8 II
Price: 7,700 /-

Canon 50mm F/1.8 II

2. Spider Rig
Price: 12,495 /-

Spider Rig

3. Camera Cage
Price: 8,700 /-

Gearbox Camera Cage

4. Yongnuo YN-300-II LED Light
Price: 6,999 /-

Yonguno YN-300-II LED Light

5. Hoodman Compact Collapsable Viewfinder (For Canon LCD)
Price: 14,000 /-

Hoodman Compact Collapsable Viewfinder

6. Benro A48FD Series 4 Monopod
Price: 3080 /-

Benro A48FD Series 4 Monopod

7. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones
Price: 6,999 /-

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

8. Rode VideoMic GO
Price: 5,400 /-


9. Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder
Price: 10,500 /-

Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder

10. Lowpro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW
Price: 2,599 /-

Lowpro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW

11 Most-Useful After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Editing is the trends on those days. People want their video looks awesome and people most favourite channel. We always create video's in After Effect with special effects but the problem is that after effect is too much hard software to understand in short time when we start learning video editing using after effect. But here is some of easy way for after effect tool. How to do easy work with editing in After-effect keyboard shortcuts for you. 

Speed up your motion graphic workflow in a big way with these must-know After Effects keyboard shortcuts.

11 Most-Useful After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Fit to Canvas Width

Shortcut: Shift+Command+Option+H

2. Fit to Canvas

Shortcut: Command+Option+F

3. Set Start Point or End Point

Shortcut: [ or ]

4. Replace

Shortcut: Option + Drag

5. Drag to Retime

Shortcut: Selected Keyframes + Option

6. Full Screen Panel

Shortcut: ~

7. Skip Frames

Shortcut: Command + Right Arrow or Left Arrow

8. Go to Layer In-Point or Out-Point

Shortcut: I or O

9. Add to Composition from Project Panel

Shortcut: Command + / + +

10. Time Remapping

Shortcut: Command+Option+T

11. Unlock All Layers

Shortcut: Command+Shift+L

If you want to know more keyboard shortcuts then visit Adobe After Effect And Yes, if you know some other cool and use-full Keyboard Shortcuts which daily use but i didn't mention then Comment below share which is this ? also share with your friend video editor :) .