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Friday, January 27, 2017

Daily Health Tips for Better Life

Best Health Tips 

1. Reason behind Diabetes and How to Control Diabetes

2. 15 Ways to stay focused all day

3. What is important of YOGA in our life ?

4. 20 health tips which make your body perfect

5. Things which you have to eat and drink Daily



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top useful Tips and Tricks for Google Docs

Google Docs is not the best way to use the all features like Microsoft but Google Docs is the easy way to use and collaborate all your work with your co-worker. Today we see some of the best features from Google Docs which helps you lot.

  • Enable Offline Access

Google Docs can work offline. This allows you to create new documents, continue working on current documents, and even just view your documents while you don’t have an Internet connection. When you connect to the Internet again, your changes will be synchronized online

Collaborate In Real Time

Click File > Share to start sharing the document. You can invite individual people by their email addresses or allow anyone with a special link to the document to edit it.
Sharing isn’t just about editing — the Share feature can allow you to share a document with a one or more people so they can view it

  • Publish a Document

Google Docs allows you to quickly publish a document online. Just click File > Publish to the web and click the Start publishing button . You’ll receive a public link to the document in published form, so you can share it with other people and they can view it. You don’t have to host the document on your own servers somewhere.

  • Go to Next Typo / Previous Typo

For quick correction of mistakes, use the Ctrl + ‘ keyboard shortcut to go to the next typo in the current document and Ctrl + ; to go to the previous typo. This allows you to quickly correct typos without scrolling through the current document and looking for those red underlines.

  • Search For and Insert Links

To do this, click the Insert > Link option. Type a search into the dialog and Google will display pages that match your search — click one to create a link to the selected address.

  • Configure Your Text Styles

Rather than manually formatting every bit of text in your document, you should format your text using styles instead. This means that, rather than setting all your headlines to a certain font size and bold text, you should just click the style box and set them to “Heading 1.”
You can also easily edit the font settings used for different styles. First, format some text to use the type of formatting you want to use for a style. Select that text, click the style box at the top of the screen, and click the arrow to the right of the style you want to modify. Click the “Update ‘Style Name’ to Match” option and that style will now use the type of formatting you selected.

  • Manage Your Personal Dictionary

This option is a fairly recent feature — previously, Google Docs wouldn’t allow you to remove words you added to this list. You may want to give the list a look and ensure you didn’t accidentally add incorrect words to the list in the past.

  • Use the Research Tool

Google Docs contains a sidebar designed for researching — open it by clicking Tools > Research. This sidebar allows you to search for images, quotations, and web results so you can easily insert them into a document.

  • Install Add-ons

Add-ons are a fairly new feature. These are third-party bits of software made with Google Apps Script. You can install them by clicking Tools > Manage Add-ons. They can then be used from the Add-ons menu.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Google Photo's - Tips and Tricks you must Know if you are love Travelling

If you love travelling and capture the world in your camera but you have lots of photo collection on that time you just bored from Managing all Photo's Day wise and Places wise. so, here is the solution from the Google Photo's. You can sync your Photo's from Mobile and also From the Web. Today I am going to share with you all the Tips and Tricks which you love and also share with your Traveler Friends to keep your photo sync and managed with all future date, time and place.
Google Photo's - Tips and Tricks you must Know if you are love Travelling

  1. Search for People, Places, and Objects
  2. Group Similar Faces Together and Label Them
  3. Delete Photos After Uploading Them
  4. Back Up Photos From Other Apps
  5. Pinch to Change View
  6. Select Multiple Photos With a Single Tap
  7. Undelete Photos
  8. Upload Faster with the Desktop Client
  9. Show Photos on a TV with a Chromecast
  10. Download All Your Photos at Once
  11. Make Google Drive and Photos Work Together
  12. Send Images and Videos to Gmail and YouTube
  13. Share Photos and Videos with Anyone
  14. Hide Where Photos or Videos Were Taken
  15. Use Google Photos While You’re Offline
  16. Make Stories, Animations, and Beautiful Collages From Your Photos
  17. Edit Photos On-the-Go 

If you know something more then please share with in below comment box we loved to hear from you. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips

When we write a post Sometime we need to focus on Blog Title Because we work hard for write an Article so, things is if our Blog Post Title no good then no one go through. So, some of sites which help's you to create strong title for your Post. Here i am list some of tool which i am use to choose Blog Post Title.

1.EMV Tool
  • Checks the emotional marketing value of a title. The higher the EMV score is, the better it will perform on social media channels.

EMV Tool Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

2.Headline Analyzer
  • This is the best tool in this lot. Regardless of what you know or don’t know about blogging, you will be churning out the best titles for your blog posts.
Headline Analyzer Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-
3.TweakBiz title generator
  • A comprehensive title generator by TweakBiz.
TweakBiz Title Generator Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

4.Potent C idea generator:
  • Call it a content idea generator or a title generator it functions as both.
Potent C idea generator Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

5.UpWorthy title generator:
  • The only viral topic generator you need.
UpWorthy title generator Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

1. BuzzSumo
Web :
  • Enter a website or a topic to find the most shared and engaged content.
BuzzSumo : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

2. Quora
Web :
  • Search for your keywords in a search box of Quora, and you will get unlimited ideas for your blog content.
Quora : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

3. Blog Topic Generator
Web :
  • Enter your keyword and it will give you post ideas.
HubSpot : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

4. Google Trends
Web :
  • Check the currently trending topics or find the search trend for any keyword of your choice.
Google Trends : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

Desktop Blog Editors : Blogging Tips

In this post we covered basic desktop tools for blogging which we are always use for blog post.  My developer always recommended tool which they use daily in Developer Life for Blogging. We list-out tools with links so you can find it easily.

1. Desk
  • Desk will pull you away from all the distractions and help you focus on writing.
  • Available for Mac OS, and cost is affordable.
Desktop Blogging Tool : Desk

2. Microsoft Live Writer
  • Best desktop editor for Windows OS, and you can publish directly from your desktop.
Desktop Blogging Tool : Microsoft Live Writer 
3. Getblogo
  • Desktop publishing tool for Mac that supports.
Desktop Blogging Tool : GetBlogo
4. Evernote
  • I use this to take quick notes on my iPhone, and it’s available via cloud syncing.
Desktop Blogging Tool : Evernote

Monday, November 2, 2015

How to Install Laravel On Windows

Step by Step ! How to Install Laravel in Windows with Tips !


I assume you have XAMPP or equivalent installed and running. If not then download it from

: Composer :

Then second thing you should have is composer. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. To check if you already have composer installed, open command prompt and type following command and hit enter:
composer –version
If you see composer version then it is installed, but if you don’t see that and instead see:
composer’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
Then you need to install composer. So download and install composer by following steps from here:

Installing Laravel via Composer:

We will install Laravel using composer. But first you need to switch to your wwwroot directory.  For XAMPP it will be htdocs folder in your xampp directory.
Type following command in command prompt and hit enter:
This will start downloading laravel and its dependencies that may take few minutes.
And it is installed. To test it hit:
And you should see Laravel welcome screen. Once you have Laravel installed and running, Laravel website has a good documentation that you can follow. And if you want even better source than that,Laracasts is the place to start.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Most Common Point Understand for Start Learning Laravel

Most Common Point Understand for Start Learning Laravel 

1. Eloquent Queries
2. Flexible Routing
3. Easy Relationships
4. Form Model Binding
5. Cache Database Queries
6. View Composers
7. Simple Authentication
8. Resources
9. Blade Templating
10. Testing Facilities
11. Remote Component
12. Events
13. View All Routes
14. Queues
15. Easy Validation
16. Tinker Tinker
17. Migrations
18. Generators
19. Commands
20. Mock Facades
21. Form Helpers
22. The IoC Container
23. Environments
24. Simple Configuration
25. Top-Shelf Further Learning

Other Resources of Laravel...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

6 Essential Tips For Successful Copywriting

Have you ever thought why are you aren’t able to expand your readers base?
Why you aren’t able to get sales for your product?
Why people are not trusting you?
Why you aren’t able to sell your awesome e-books, apps or tutorials?
Why Not ? Let me tell you. The main problem lies with faulty copywriting practices. I have seen many marketers having awesome products to sell but unfortunately no customers. Recently my friend wrote an eBook on how to make money blogging and he made around 50 sales in a month. Why?
  • He is an excellent copywriter
  • He loves social networks.
  • He gives more time to deliver valuable information
  • He keeps his focus on writing attractive headlines.
  • and many other.. We’ll discuss later.
Before getting started with copywriting practices let me clear you the common myth among most marketers.

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Content marketing” and “copywriting” are the same thing. Do you agree?
Absolutely Not.
When I started marketing I too considered content marketing and copywriting as the same thing. But with time to time experience I cleared my misconception. There is a minor difference between the two which you should know too.

What is content marketing?

According to content marketing institute ” Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

What is copywriting?

According to wikipedia –
“Copywriting is writing copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The copy is meant to persuade someone to buy a product, or influence their beliefs.
Copywriters are used to help create direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content (although if the purpose is not ultimately promotional, its author might prefer to be called a content writer), online ads,e-mail and other Internet content, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, whitepapers, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters, and other marketing communications media pages. Copy can also appear in social-media content including blog posts, tweets, and social-networking site posts.”
Now let’s get started with  6 copywriting practices you should know-

Write magnetic headlines

Magnetic headlines have a great impact on your readers. Don’t bore your readers. Write such headlines that makes your visitors click-through. I have seen many bloggers crying that they are not able to make sufficient money from adsense. Writing attractive and clever headlines give your visitors to click-through which delivers you more earnings. Your headlines should give a suspense to your readers.
For example:

Deliver Offers and discounts

People will read your content only when you are giving them something special. Nobody is having spare time to read a crap content. Offer them discounts, offers , free templates, free applications or any other digital product. This makes your readers to click-through and see what’s inside for them as people love surprises.

Stop being stuffy

Generally I have seen many bloggers having a misconception that writing long sentences and paragraphs getting greedy towards backlinks. But listen… this strategy don’t work for all. You need to be concise and short, specially newbies. Writing long sentences generally give rise to high bounce rate. First you need to make your readers to develop a trust in you. Only then long articles will work for you.

Make use of bullet points

That’s the correct way of writing you should know. This is what your audience love to read. Being concise and short is the key to successful copywriting. Important topics in bullet points have more advantage than in the paragraph form.

Build Trust

The main funda behind low traffic is lack of trust. When no one is trusting you then why should they bother to read your articles. Reputed bloggers like  Harsh Agarwal and  Pat are making huge sales because people trust them. Their audience knows that the products they are offering would benefit them in some ways.  Now you might be thinking how to become a trust worthy blogger? Right? No need to worry ! I am here to help you. Just follow this few points below
  • Start a conversation with your audience.
  • Survey them.
  • Offer them some discounts to divert their attention from your competitors.
  • Be concise while writing your content.
  • Make them feel happy by solving their problems.

Call For Action

Leave a long-lasting impression on your readers through your content. Now after writing an awesome content, make them act. This is what we actually mean “call for action” . This is amazing way to check the success of your content. Now you have to think where you want them to move further either it is subscribe your blog, download your e-book, Buy anything from your affiliate links or share your content to social networking sites. This actually depends on how successful your article was.

Wrapping Up…

Becoming a successful copywriter is not a one day task. You need to repeat the above given practices again and again. You need to find out the trending topics outgoing in the market and according to it draft your content. And the most important thing is to understand your market’s audience. Research you audience on the basis of following traits – Gender, age,interests, income, occupation. Include a call to action. Make your visitors to digest your whole content by acting on your wants. I think the above six tips are enough for newbie marketers for successful copywriting. Best of luck guys.

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