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Saturday, May 14, 2016

11 Most-Useful After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Editing is the trends on those days. People want their video looks awesome and people most favourite channel. We always create video's in After Effect with special effects but the problem is that after effect is too much hard software to understand in short time when we start learning video editing using after effect. But here is some of easy way for after effect tool. How to do easy work with editing in After-effect keyboard shortcuts for you. 

Speed up your motion graphic workflow in a big way with these must-know After Effects keyboard shortcuts.

11 Most-Useful After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Fit to Canvas Width

Shortcut: Shift+Command+Option+H

2. Fit to Canvas

Shortcut: Command+Option+F

3. Set Start Point or End Point

Shortcut: [ or ]

4. Replace

Shortcut: Option + Drag

5. Drag to Retime

Shortcut: Selected Keyframes + Option

6. Full Screen Panel

Shortcut: ~

7. Skip Frames

Shortcut: Command + Right Arrow or Left Arrow

8. Go to Layer In-Point or Out-Point

Shortcut: I or O

9. Add to Composition from Project Panel

Shortcut: Command + / + +

10. Time Remapping

Shortcut: Command+Option+T

11. Unlock All Layers

Shortcut: Command+Shift+L

If you want to know more keyboard shortcuts then visit Adobe After Effect And Yes, if you know some other cool and use-full Keyboard Shortcuts which daily use but i didn't mention then Comment below share which is this ? also share with your friend video editor :) .