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Monday, February 6, 2017

Hacking Tools: Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering refers to the know the duplication of the products through examination of how it's build or construct. It involved in how the products work and is there any products which copied the flow of work. It's help to possible make to understand the basic of working principle and structure of the system under study. Mostly Reverse Engineering you can applied both side hardware and software but today we are focusing on the Software Reverse Engineering.

Hacking Tools: Reverse Engineering

NoList of Reverse Engineering Tools 
3Hex Editors
4PE and Resource Viewer

1. Disassemblers
  • Disassemblers mostly used to decode binary code into assembly codes. Disassemblers also employed into extracting strings, functions, libraries, etc. Disassemblers help to convert the machine language into more user-friendly formats.
2. Debuggers
  • Debuggers helps to expand the functionality of disassemblers by helping the CPU registers, hex dumping of programs, view of stack. Also Debuggers mostly used to break the program into the parts for execution and test purpose.
3. Hex Editors
  • Hex Editors also know as a Binary Editor or Binary File Editor. Hex Editors commonly used for the purpose of View/Edit the Binaries files. Hex Editors make possible to create the binary data for the computer file. 
4. PE and Resource Viewer
  • PE and Resource Viewer tools allows programmers to view and edit the resources that are embedded into the EXE[Executable] file. PE and Resource Viewer used to change icons, edit the menu of the software, change version information, dialog, etc. 
That's it If you think other tools in the market and help's please share below in comment we sure share next article for the Reverse Engineering.