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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Microsoft tightens Sway’s integration with OneNote, adds embedding and sharing options

Microsoft’s new publishing app, Sway, is getting tighter integration with its OneNote cousin today, as well as adding some useful features.
Sway now lets you directly import images from OneNote. To bring those in, you simply select OneNote from the drop-down menu on the Inset tab, then find your images and drop them where you’d like.

There’s a nifty “recently added images” feature that will automatically show images from your most recently modified OneNote documents. Alternatively, the “Notebooks” section will help you navigate specific sections of your OneNote files to find the images you want.
Sway previously supported sources such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but OneNote integration makes sense – it’s certainly possible some users could be jotting down ideas and clipping images in OneNote they might later want to transfer over to Sway.
OneNote aside, Sway is also adding support for additional embeddable content from Office MixInfo.gramMixcloud and Sway itself. Yes, you can post a Sway within a Sway.

Suggested searches are also becoming more powerful with the addition of YouTube videos and tweets. As before, you select “Suggested” from the Insert tab to see what Sway thinks might be relevant to your post.
Microsoft is providing a couple new options for showing off photos too. There’s now a slideshow tool available for image collections, as well as a comparison slider tool to help you show off differences between two images.

Finally, there are few new sharing controls to help you control your Sway’s audience: You can now choose to share with anyone, only users with the link, or keep it visible to yourself only.
Microsoft says most of these features came about as a result of user feedback – it’s nice to see the company incorporating user suggestion. Sway is still technically a Preview, but it’s shaping up to be a powerful publishing tool.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Microsoft’s OneNote Staff Notebook for Education app enables school staff collaboration

Microsoft has launched a free tool to help teachers and school staff to collaborate more effectively on curriculum development, administrative duties and internal policies.
OneNote Staff Notebook for Education lets education staff leaders — like principals or faculty heads — set up shared workspaces for teachers and administrators and enable them to organize and share internal information, event and meeting schedules, student progress, parent feedback, lesson plans and more.
The service can be set up and synced using Office 365 or SharePoint 2013, and users can access all content on the OneNote note-taking app across desktops and mobile devices.
The company launched OneNote Class Notebooks for teachers to distribute lesson content to their students last October. Microsoft says it is also working on similar initiatives for business users in the next few months.