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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Microsoft announces new OneDrive API for all of your devices

Microsoft has announced a new API for OneDrive that will make it easy for developers to integrate the company's cloud storage service into their apps. The API supports all major platforms, including the web, Windows, iOS, and Android.
From Microsoft:
We built the OneDrive API to provide a foundation to continue evolving the platform and enable all developers to access the full functionality of OneDrive. It provides better speed and functionality, with new features including:the ability to retrieve new changes to files and folders to efficiently keep a large set of files in sync with minimal callsresumable uploads of files up to 10 GB via file-fragment uploading for working with rich content, like HD videoscustomizable file thumbnail images for delivering a more integrated experience across your app and OneDrive
Microsoft is also working with a number of developers to add support for the new OneDrive API to their apps, such as PicMonkey, PandaDoc, and IFTTT. If you want to get started adding the OneDrive API to your own app, you can head over to the OneDrive Github page now to check it out.
Source: Microsoft