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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How To get WhatsApp calling future's [Step-by-Step] ?

Now, You can get WhatsApp Calling future's in your WhatsApp. Just follow simple steps and enjoy calling future's in your WhatsApp.

Step - 1 : Open Your Current WhatsApp and Store Backup.

Step - 2 : Now Uninstall your old or new WhatsApp and Download WhatsApp [Version 2.12.5]

Step - 3 : Install Downloaded New WhatsApp [See Image]

First Step

Second Step

Third Step

Forth Step

Last Step

Click To Open

Step - 4 : Restore Your backup [Follow This Step]

  • Open WhatsApp 

Click To Agree and continue
  • Enter Your Mobile Number 

Enter Your Mobile Number 

  • Click To Restore Button 

Click To Restore

  • Wait Few Minute
Wait Few Seconds
Wait Few Seconds
Step - 5 : Last Step 

  • Click To Continue

Click Continue 
  • Enjoy WhatsApp Calling Future

Click To Call 

Calling Screen 

WhatsApp for Android now allows all users to make voice calls, iOS coming soon

 If you’ve been wondering when, oh when, someone will ring you via WhatsApp so you’ll get its new voice calling feature, you won’t have to sit by the phone any longer.
Updating to WhatsApp version 2.12.5 via Google Play does the trick. Once you’ve got the latest version, you’ll see a revamped interface with three tabs for calls, contacts and chats.

WhatsApp for Android now allows all users to make voice calls, iOS coming soonWhatsApp for Android now allows all users to make voice calls, iOS coming soon

Alternatively, you could download the APK installer from WhatsApp’s site and install it yourself. The version on the site reportedly brings voice calling too.
To place a call, tap the Calls tab and then the new call button at the top of your screen. Then, select a contact to ring them over WhatsApp.
The feature is slated to arrive on iOS in the coming weeks, said WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton at Facebook’s recent F8 conference.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to get WhatsApp calling feature now (with little bit of luck)

WhatsApp is expected to introduce the calling feature in its app soon. This feature will allow people to talk to their WhatsApp contacts using the cellular data connection or Wi-Fi. This means they won't have to pay for the call charges. Only the data charges will apply, irrespective of where you are calling.

This is similar to Skype or Viber. But considering the user base of WhatsApp it is a big deal.

The feature is not yet officially available. But there are people using the calling feature in WhatsApp and you too get it now, with a little bit of luck.

But before we talk about the luck part, this is what you have to do to get the calling feature in WhatsApp:

You must have an Android phone that is running Android Lollipop. In fact at this moment, we are not even sure if the feature works on the non-Nexus phones or not. So it is even better if you have Android Lollipop on a Nexus device.

Uninstall WhatsApp.

Go to and download the app from there. This means you will get the latest app. This is an APK file.

If you know how to install the APK file install it. If not, follow these steps: Got to Android Play Store > Install ES File Explorer > Open ES File Explorer > Go to the downloaded APK > Install WhatsApp APK

Once you have the latest version of WhatsApp and if your phone has Android Lollipop, you need to find someone who has already got the WhatsApp calling feature. Ask around, ask your friends on Twitter and Facebook if any of them have the calling feature.
Ask the person who already has the WhatsApp feature activated to give you a WhatsApp call.

Once you get the call, the same feature will also get activated on your phone. It will show different tabs for chats and calls. And you will get a phone call button in a chat window.

Now here is the luck part. The feature doesn't get activated for everyone. It looks like WhatsApp is still testing it and even the users who get call from someone who already has WhatsApp calling feature are getting it randomly. Chances are that once you get a WhatsApp call, you too will probably get the feature. But if you don't, then you will have to wait for a few more weeks. It is expected that the calling feature in WhatsApp will be available soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

You Can Now Chat With WhatsApp On Your Desktop

WhatsApp is jumping on to a new platform: your browser

The mobile messaging app that has become ubiquitous among international chatters now can be accessed from your web browser.
WhatsApp on Wednesday unveiled a new browser-based desktop chat option, calling the feature an “extension” of its smartphone apps. The web experience “mirrors” conversations from your mobile device, said WhatsApp.
The company’s desktop solution, however, is somewhat convoluted. To use it, you have to open in Google Chrome and scan the QR code inside your WhatsApp smartphone app. Then, you must keep your phone connected to the Internet and make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp.
There’s one big caveat, too: you can’t connect WhatsApp to your browser if you have an iPhone.
Facebook announced in February of last year it would purchase WhatsApp in a deal that closed in October for $19 billion in cash and shares. The app has more than 600 million active users.