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Saturday, May 9, 2015

You may Quit Blogging if you don’t adopt these skills

Blogging is not easy. Blogosphere is getting bigger day by day. Updating valuable and unique content is challenging. In order to survive in blogging you need to adopt some skills.

Writing Skills:

First and the uttermost thing as a blogger is his writing skills. You can’t succeed without the basic writing skills. Perhaps, I am not a good writer, but I try to keep the basics right.
How to improve your writing skills?
  • Read books: Yes. Reading books significantly improves your writing skills. You’ll get adopt to new writing styles and skills.
  • Practice: Take a note book or a blank sheet and write the shit out, even if it doesn’t make sense.
  • Watch and adopt: Watch the famous writers. Read their blogs, books. Adopt their style.
  • Join Twitter: Honestly, I was lazy to write even a single sentence before joining twitter. 140-characters limit twitter forced me to write and experiment with my vocabulary. If you not joined the twitter yet, join now.

Technical Skills:

No, no, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to manage technical issues of your blog. If you are not a techie no need to worry, managing blogs are easy these days. By Technical means you just have learn about few things like monitoring your site through Webmasters tools, securing your site from hacking etc. for example; Google is not indexing your blog posts. It happens when Googlebot can’t access your site due to some errors. You will not be aware of this if you don’t have webmasters tools account connected with your site. You will not get any search engine results. Due to this you may quit blogging.
How to build Technical Skills?
  • Don’t skip information: It is essential that you shouldn’t skip any information even you are not interested in it. Just take a glance on that subject.
  • Don’t fear: Do not fear to experiment with technical issues, even though you’re not a geek.
  • Be Curious: You might have heard the phrase: “There is no better teacher than curiosity”. Got the point? So, try to be curious and don’t afraid to experiment.

 Creative Skills:

Creativity is the essential thing in blogging. Without creative thinking skills you can’t survive much long. You need to adopt creativity.
How to build creative skills?
  • Question yourself: Questioning yourself helps to build creativity. Wonder how? Read the next point.
  • Find answer yourself: In order to build creativity, try to solve the puzzles yourself. For example; you are struck on a particular problem, don’t google right away, try to find the solution yourself. You never know you might end up inventing new thing!
  • Experiment: Don’t bother about outputs, just experiment.

 Promoting Skills:

This is the last and final skill you need to adopt. Even if you have above three skills and if you don’t know how to promote your blog then those skills will be wasted. In order to build readership you need to promote your blog.
How to promote your blogs?
  • Make Use of Social media: Since it is 21st century and almost everyone has a social media accounts, make a most of it.
  • Don’t afraid to share: This is crucial, do not afraid to share your work through social media or any other platform.
  • Encourage others to join you: Make friends with common-interest people. Invite them to join you.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ran out of blogging ideas? — How to overcome it

Blogging is not an overnight thing, it might look simple but it isn’t. It needs a lot of passion and dedication to perfect it.
It is necessary to update the blog regularly. That doesn’t mean you can write any bullshit. You need to generate unique and fresh content. For newbie’s it is obviously difficult to come up with different ideas every time.

Once in a while, everybody will come across this thing called ‘Writers’s block’. you don’t get any ideas to processed.
‘Running out of ideas’ is a choice, not an accident
What??? What are you saying? Isn’t it an accident? NOT.
Let me explain you; how and why exactly you ran out of ideas:
  • You stress a lot by over-thinking.
  • You are scared to express your words because you think it is not good enough.
  • You don’t read other blogs or books.
  • You bother about what other bloggers think.
  • You’re bothered about what your neighbors and their dog thinks.
Now tell me, isn’t this an option? You deliberately ran out of ideas. So the secret lies within you. Don’t let others to take control of your mind, and then see the difference.
This might not be the exact reason you’re not getting ideas, but similar.
Things to do to make sure you won’t run out of blogging ideas 
1.  Look how others are doing and get inspire:
  • What or who inspired you to choose blogging? Now go back there and get some inspiration.
  • Assume that blogging can make you an Entrepreneur: Stop assuming, it is reality. Blogging can actually make you successful entrepreneur. Just look at guys like Neil Patel from and Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome, these guys don’t need an introduction. The thought of becoming an entrepreneur isn’t enough to inspire you?
2.  Don’t you know ideas come from reading? 
Actually, I felt blank when I first tried to write a blog post years ago. What I learnt is the ideas come from reading, whether it’s a book or blog, you need to read regularly. ideas can come from anywhere.
3.  Experiment with your creativity:
Try to find the way out by experimenting with your creativity. Look everywhere; try adopting different methods and creative skills. Try to invent some original ideas. Write the first thing that comes to your mind, it’ll be always original, in my opinion. 
4.   Try to sneak everywhere to get ideas:
Use social media networks like Facebook and twitter. Participate in forums. Often try to visit yahoo! answers; this is the best place to get new ideas because people visit here to find solution for different questions.
5.   Take shower daily:
This might sound funny, but the best ideas come in the shower. Actually there is a scientific explanation behind it; while taking shower there will be a release of chemical called Dopamine in our Brain. Dopamine makes you feel good. This chemical will also be released while doing pleasure activities like playing games, listening music etc.
6.  You own a Brain, think:
Scientists say our brain is capable of storing million Gigabytes of memory. doesn’t it seem like we are wasting our natural hard-drives? Remember, your brain is different from others. There is no way that your brain can’t generate new and original ideas.

Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Create Web-Site in Drupal

Drupal is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database, both of which are available with the SiteGroundDrupal hosting services. The Drupal basic installation can be easily turned into many different types of web pages - from simple web blogs to large online communities. A Drupal installation can be turned into a content management system, a blog, a forum, a newsletter system, a picture gallery and more. Here we will explain the use of Drupal as a blog application.

Drupal installation

Please, visit the pages listed below to find detailed instructions how to install Drupal on your website with the help of the Softaculous auto-installation tool or through the web installer.

How to create a blog site with Drupal?

Once you have finished with the installation of Drupal, you should navigate to the web address, where the script is located and you will see the main page. First you should log in with your administrative account or create a new one:

Then you can create content, edit your profile, manage your installation and more from the administer panel:

To start using Drupal as a blog, you should first enable the Blog module from the Modules area. 

Drupal Settings

Go to Structure -> Blocks and add the Recent blog posts block in the preferred location on your web site layout. 

After that you should continue setting the access control for the blogging options in the People section as explained in the Drupal Access Control tutorial. New users for the blogging activity can be added from People -> Add user.

Creating Content

Next you should open the Content area and navigate to Add content -> Blog Entry.

Enter the blog post and save it.
It will be automatically promoted to the front page and a menu entry in the previously chosen location will be visualized.
Once you are done, you can go to your home page. There you will see your post.

Useful links

For more information on how to create different type of websites, check our page on how to make a websitewith SiteGround Website Wizard.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

20 Industries Successfully Using Social Media Blogging

For any person who is interested in building their business by showing off their knowledge and expertise, this is a great way to get that exposure. 
For many social media blogging is often considered inbound marketing, since social media and blogging both play such important roles in the strategy coined by Hubspot. 
A popular quote in the social media/ blogging world:

Content is fuel and social media is fire- simply meaning content is the food with which social media fans are fed. 

In the past 2 years I’ve helped with several social media campaigns and have seen the following positive results:
  • Search engine traffic- the more you publish content, the more often you see an increase in search traffic
  • Followers on social media- as you write pieces that your audience enjoys, they’ll take you up on the offer to follow you
  • Leads from website- enticing content on your blog captures visitors’ attention as you guide them to landing pages to get more information
  • Interview/ Quotes invites- your reputation among your industry will grow and you’ll be asked for quotes, interviews and contribution options
  • Consulting work- when people have more advanced questions and your expertise fits their needs you’ll be asked to consult on projects 

Successfully Blogging & Socially Active Industries

Of course it would make sense to see this in a social media and blogging world when that is specifically what I do, but these results have been seen across several industries, all boasting similar results.
  1. Tech software
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Psychology
  4. Home decor
  5. Construction
  6. Real Estate
  7. Biking
  8. Education- colleges
  9. Curriculum and education programs
  10. Healthcare
  11. Senior housing
  12. Nutritional supplements
  13. Dentistry
  14. Plastic surgery
  15. Fire Arms
  16. Fashion 
  17. Weddings
  18. Non profits
  19. Animal sanctuaries
  20. Animal rescues
  21. and many others
In these industries the companies involved were writing content for their ideal buyers (the people they enjoy selling to) and using social media to bring that content to those potentially interested in reading it.
The companies that have been successful were writing blog posts on a very regular basis, no less than once a week and always working on building their followings, by delivering updates people enjoyed reading on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+
It isn’t surprising that so many businesses are able to embrace social media blogging, what is particularly interesting is that success comes from a large number of industries (not exclusive to those listed above). Both businesses who sell to other businesses and businesses who sell to the average consumer have been able to use social media and blogging to see improved results in their company. 

Why Does Social Media Blogging Work?

The internet brought information to our fingertips. Instead of relying on television, sales people and advertisements to explain the differences between products and decisions, people can now look things up for themselves. 
Two of the most common places people search for information is on social media and Google (a fan of blogs). 

The Basics to Getting Started With Social Media Blogging

The most important things you need to do when starting with social media blogging:
  • Be patient- give your campaigns time to become successful, it takes months not days to see results
  • Be active- everyday you need to provide content to your followers- no matter how many fans you have
  • Be learning- follow those who know what they are doing- social media experts and pros- learn from them
  • Be there for your market- help them first, give them the information they need and put their needs first