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Monday, March 2, 2015

Google is working on an API level payments service called Android Pay, but it won’t compete with Wallet

Google is working on its own OS-level payments service called Android Pay, according to comments made by Chrome and Android’s SVP Sundar Pichai.
While Pichai confirmed the initiative, he was quick to point out that it won’t be another consumer-facing service like Google Wallet, for example.
“We’re working on something called Android Pay. It’s an API layer in Android, so that all the mechanics of payments can be done in a standardized and consistent way,” Pichai said.
He added that because Google is attempting to integrate a payments system at the OS level, it won’t actually compete with things like Samsung’s newly-announced Pay service or its own Google Wallet.
“At a user level, people love different services… We always try to win the user’s hearts and minds. At an Android level, it’s a consistent API framework making everything possible,” Pichai said.
He also confirmed that it would tie into biometric features offered by handset makers for things like payment authentication in the future.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Google Wallet, Softcard partner on mobile payment as they take on Apple Pay

The war for mobile payments -- the ability to pay at the cash register with your smarpthone -- is heating up.
Google said on Monday that it was partnering with Softcard, a joint venture between Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile to expand the reach of its Google Wallet mobile payment service. As part of the deal, Google acquired Softcard's technology, while the US carriers would load the Google Wallet app onto Android smartphones running KitKat or higher in their stores later this year.
The deals come amid heightened interest in mobile payments thanks to Apple Pay, which has finally encouraged consumers to tap their smartphones at the cash register to make payments. Apple Pay, like Google Wallet, utilizes a technology called Near-Field Communications to allow the phone to talk with the point-of-sale terminal. Upping the ante is Samsung, which last week acquired mobile-payments start-up LoopPay.
Apple is a relative newcomer when it comes to mobile payments, only introducing Apple Pay in the fall with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Google and Softcard, previously known as Isis, have worked for years to raise awareness for mobile payments.
Both ran into roadblocks on broad acceptance of their respective services. Google had a single carrier partner in Sprint, and not all of its smartphone partners cared to put NFC into their smartphones. Likewise, Softcard had the backing of the three major carriers, but few other partners. Both also dealt with a minimal deployment of NFC-enabled terminals, a problem even Apple deals with today.
Softcard customers can continue to use its app, the venture said in a separate blog post. It said there would be more information in the coming weeks.