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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to connect your TV to YouTube Account through Mobile

YouTube is the most popular site in the world. YouTube is the second world largest search engine and most popular for the Video's searching. World people mostly like the video for fun and enjoyment in their life. YouTube is most popular in AGE 20-45 and a most searching keyword is FUNNY video for 2015.
In 2014 Google launched Chrome-cast for streaming your video to the Home Television (TV). Chrome-Cast is most popular in the UK, US, much more country. So, somehow people have a problem in how to connect chrome cast to TV and smartphone. So, today I am going to share with you how to connect and stream video to TV through Mobile.
TV to YouTube Account through Mobile
TV to YouTube Account through Mobile

How to Buy Best Chrome-Cast
If you want to buy the Google Chrome-Cast you can buy from Google Official website they provide dealer name and website which is trusted in your country. I think this is the best way to buy from trusted dealer. help's you to buy the new Chrome-Cast for your Home.

How to Buy Smart TV with Best Features and Low Price
World going with smart-technology users. People uses technology in their daily life. So, if you want to buy the Smart TV you must have to know some points which help you lot to buy the best smart TV in the Market.

1. Know the Operating System
2. Supported USB
3. Supported Gaming Console
4. External Hardware Support's
5. Type, Size, Display, Resolution, HDMI, Wi-Fi

Step for How to Connect Mobile to TV through Google Chrome Cast | How to setup Chrome-Cast to YouTube Account
1. Goto -
2. Enter TV Paring Number
3. Add the TV

Another way to Connect Mobile to TV  Setup Chrome-Cast to YouTube Account
1. Pair things up manually - Goto YouTube Setting

YouTube select settings menu

2. Goto Connected TV
YouTube settings menu

3. Add a TV
YouTube pair device instruction screen

Go to the YouTube app on your TV or console, go to settings, find "Pair device" option, and enter the pairing code on your Android device. Then you should be up and running!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This Android game uses Chromecast to turn your phone into a tennis racquet

Mobile game developer Rolocule just launchedMotion Tennis Cast on Google Play. It’s a tennis game that you can play on your TV or browser by waving your smartphone around like a Wii motion controller.
The game has been in beta for a good while, and the final version works pretty well. Once you’ve installed it on your phone, you’ll need to calibrate it with your Chromecast by standing in front of your TV and tapping a few buttons.

The gameplay is fairly simple: just hold your phone and swing your arm to serve and volley against the AI-controlled opponent. Your on-screen character will automatically move into the right position at the right time, but you’ll need to choose your return shot correctly and time it well to send the ball back over the net.
There are four difficulty levels and two basic game types — including a time attack mode — to choose from. You can connect with friends on social networks to try and beat their scores while you both play against bots. Plus, the game tells you how many calories you’ve burned after finishing a set.
The graphics and audio aren’t anything to write home about, but they’re not shabby either. I found that the game played smoothly for the most part, but suffered from the occasional stutter. It felt a lot like Wii Tennis, albeit a bit simpler and less precise.
Rolocule says it’s also working on Android Wear support, so you’ll be able to control your character by just strapping on your smartwatch and swinging your wrist.
Overall, Motion Tennis Cast works as advertised and makes for a fun break every now and then. Not bad at all for a free title.