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Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to Enable Bluetooth in Web Apps

How to Enable Bluetooth in Web Apps
How to Enable Bluetooth in Web Apps 

Some prerequisites

  • HTTPS only: The API only works on pages served over HTTPS. Most privacy-sensitive web APIs are now switching over to the HTTPS-only model, and this one is no exception.
  • Requires user action: We want to make sure that the API doesn’t work in the background without the user knowing about it, which is why there is a prompt shown to user to choose which device to pair with. Additionally, we also don’t want sites to show up this prompt straightaway without any user interaction. That is why methods in this API only work when called in response to a user action (like responding to a click event).

Getting Basic Device Information

Let’s take a look at some code to figure out how to use this API to get some basic information regarding a BLE device.
Here is a very simple example, showing a button:
<button id="the-button">Try it</button>
…and the following JavaScript:
const button = document.querySelector('#the-button');
button.addEventListener('click', function() {
  filters: [{
   services: ['battery_service']
 }).then(device => {
  console.log('Got device:',;
Ref- Opera Dev

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stratos’ Bluetooth connected payment card works everywhere, available this April

Everyone wants a piece of the payments space and if the excitement for Coin proved anything, people want a single card that replaces all the separate ones they’ve already carrying around.
Stratos, launching today, is a new payments card that exists to replace every single plastic card in your wallet. The card features Bluetooth connectivity and can be used everywhere you’d expect, like at ATMs, restaurants and gas stations.

Using the companion mobile app, you can switch between cards and track your spending. The company is working to add further features like location based recommendations based on your spending history, virtual card downloads (think gift cards or pre-paid cards) and more.
The amazing thing about Stratos is that the company says you can load basically anything that features a magnetic strip onto it like credit, debit, loyalty, membership or even gift cards.
Naturally, one should worry about security with a single card wielding such power, but Stratos says it’s got you covered. If your card isn’t near your phone for a specific amount of time, the card shuts down and can’t be used until it’s close again.
The company also says it uses “bank-level” encryption and stores card details behind either a PIN or Touch ID on your device.
What’s cool about Stratos’ approach versus a solution like Apple Pay or even Samsung Pay is that it says it’ll work on day one with 100 percent of merchants in the US, since it uses technology that already exists.

Instead of requiring a one-time purchase, Stratos is a recurring yearly membership of $95 per year or $145 for two years. The idea behind this is simple; the company wants you to get the most “complete” experience, with a new card every year that features the latest technology or a replacement if you lose it, similar to how your bank works.
That upgrade window makes sense, since the company has plans to adopt more advanced payment methods in the future like EMV and tokenization as card standards change. Stratos is working directly with banks and card providers to enable those technologies.
At launch, Stratos is only available in the US but will work globally anywhere that accepts a magnetic strip card. The company hopes to expand sales as it adds other technologies and support in the future.

The card itself keeps things fairly simple, but comes in slate, white, salmon, blue and green. It’s also waterproof and has passed ISO standards for bending, static, shock, abrasion and more.
The company has received over $7 million in venture backing so far and believes that it has a shot at being the next big payments platform.
If the card does everything it says it can and is able to eventually tackle chip cards too, Stratos could have a shot at being the single card you carry in your wallet.
Stratos card is available for purchase now in the US, and will begin shipping this April.