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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Learning WordPress for the Top Developer and Blog

WordPress Official Documentation for WPSometimes its easy at times its tough to make sense.
Shout Me Loud Blog for Blogging using WordPressRanked below 2000 all over the web in Alexa.
Digital Inspiration and Tricks with lot of WordPress stuffDigital Inspiration, launched in 2004, is among the top 100 technology and how-to blogs on the Internet out of an estimated total of 130+ million blogs.
WP Beginner the name suggests, its a great resource for beginnersquality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress beginners to improve their site(s).
WP Tavern goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress beginners to improve their site(s).More than 320,000 people subscribe to WPBeginner for helpful WordPress tutorials and resources.
ManageWP news community!Register to share, discuss and vote for the best WordPress stories every day, find new ideas and inspiration for your business and network with other members of the WordPress community.
WPMUDEV most read WordPress resource on the web with more than 4,000 articles in our archives on every topic imaginable.Their live chat sessions are good...though its a paid service.
WP Snipp more than 650 WP code snippetsGo on and mess up with your site...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Desktop Video Recording and Image Capture Editing Tools : Blogging Tips

1. Google Hangout
Google Hangout : Desktop Video Recording and Image Capture Editing Tools : Blogging Tips

  • Messaging, voice and video calls
  • Message a friend or start a group conversation
  • Connect at any time with voice and video calls
  • Stay in sync across your devices
Ohh, Why we Add this here ? this is not a Video or Image Editing Tool..

  • All Blogger know Hangout how much helpful for Video Tutorial Creation, We Can do Hangout with Live Streaming, Can Chat with each other and collaborate each of corner people of the World.
Web :-

2. Audacity 
Audacity : Desktop Video Recording and Image Capture Editing Tools : Blogging Tips

  • Audacity is an free and Open source Audio Recording Tool for All Desktop Operating Systems. 
  • Audacity Developed by Contribution of Developer's.
  • If you are good in Programming then you can contribute over their.

Three ways for Contribution in Audacity

  • Developer
    • Udacity Written in C++ Programming Language. If you want to contribute then you can contribute on Audacity.
    • Also the WebSite of Audacity Developed into PHP you want to contribute on. 
  • Users
    • If you are User but do not know about Programming Stuffs, then you also can join Audacity Community for Suggestion and Bug Reports.
  • Translators 
    • If you are want this Audacity for your Native Language then you can also Contribute.

3. MPEG Streamclip 
MPEG Streamclip : Desktop Video Recording and Image Capture Editing Tools : Blogging Tips
  • MPEG StreamClip is for the Video Converter, Player, Editor for MPEG, QuickTime, Transport Streams, iPod.
  • And now it is a DivX Editor and Encoding Machine, and even a Movie Downloader.

About the Company...
MPEG StreamClip Products of Squared 5 srl is an Italian unipersonal, limited liability company.It has been founded in 2007 by Stefano Cinque, who is the company holder, the CEO and the developer.
Web :-

4. Image Optim:
 Image Optim: Desktop Video Recording and Image Capture Editing Tools : Blogging Tips

  • Image Optim is tool for Mac OS.
  • In that we can Compress image sizes and never loss clarity of Image.
  • Save Disk Space and Server Space and load faster for our Websites.

5. Snagit
Snagit : Desktop Video Recording and Image Capture Editing Tools : Blogging Tips

  • Snagit is Best tool we have not ever used like that Snagit. Our Team most use this tool for Developing, For some Suggestion, Screen Sharing and much more things.

Snagit Futures...
  • Scrolling Capture
  • Video Capture
  • Mobile Capture
  • Video Trimming
  • Step Tool
  • Special Effects
  • Stamps
  • Fast - Easy Sharing
  • Cloud Integration
  • Multi Platform Support
  • Multi File Formats
  • Library
  • Profile
  • Enterprise Resource

6. Camtasia
Camtasia : Desktop Video Recording and Image Capture Editing Tools : Blogging Tips
  • Camtasia used for Screencast and all Video Editing Futures.
  • Camtasia Run on both Mac OS and Windows OS.
  • Camtasia is not free tool but you can try for Free 1 months.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Proof Reading Tool : Blogging Tips

Proof Reading Tool : Blogging Tips

1. Hemingway App:
Web :-

  • Free web-based tool to improve your writing. I’m sure you will end up bookmarking this one.

2. Grammarly:
Web :-

  • Saviour for a non-native English speaker like me. Helps with proof-reading, suggests words, is a great companion.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips

When we write a post Sometime we need to focus on Blog Title Because we work hard for write an Article so, things is if our Blog Post Title no good then no one go through. So, some of sites which help's you to create strong title for your Post. Here i am list some of tool which i am use to choose Blog Post Title.

1.EMV Tool
  • Checks the emotional marketing value of a title. The higher the EMV score is, the better it will perform on social media channels.

EMV Tool Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

2.Headline Analyzer
  • This is the best tool in this lot. Regardless of what you know or don’t know about blogging, you will be churning out the best titles for your blog posts.
Headline Analyzer Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-
3.TweakBiz title generator
  • A comprehensive title generator by TweakBiz.
TweakBiz Title Generator Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

4.Potent C idea generator:
  • Call it a content idea generator or a title generator it functions as both.
Potent C idea generator Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

5.UpWorthy title generator:
  • The only viral topic generator you need.
UpWorthy title generator Blog Post Title Tool : Blogging Tips
Web :-

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

1. BuzzSumo
Web :
  • Enter a website or a topic to find the most shared and engaged content.
BuzzSumo : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

2. Quora
Web :
  • Search for your keywords in a search box of Quora, and you will get unlimited ideas for your blog content.
Quora : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

3. Blog Topic Generator
Web :
  • Enter your keyword and it will give you post ideas.
HubSpot : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

4. Google Trends
Web :
  • Check the currently trending topics or find the search trend for any keyword of your choice.
Google Trends : Content Idea Generation Tools : Blogging Tips

Desktop Blog Editors : Blogging Tips

In this post we covered basic desktop tools for blogging which we are always use for blog post.  My developer always recommended tool which they use daily in Developer Life for Blogging. We list-out tools with links so you can find it easily.

1. Desk
  • Desk will pull you away from all the distractions and help you focus on writing.
  • Available for Mac OS, and cost is affordable.
Desktop Blogging Tool : Desk

2. Microsoft Live Writer
  • Best desktop editor for Windows OS, and you can publish directly from your desktop.
Desktop Blogging Tool : Microsoft Live Writer 
3. Getblogo
  • Desktop publishing tool for Mac that supports.
Desktop Blogging Tool : GetBlogo
4. Evernote
  • I use this to take quick notes on my iPhone, and it’s available via cloud syncing.
Desktop Blogging Tool : Evernote

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Effective 5 Ways to Create Unique Articles

Google has everything. As a blogger your main challenge is to create different and unique articles which are not in Google. Is it possible? Well, indeed it is possible. we all learn new things by others or reading books.

1. Break the shackles:

Never afraid to express what you know, no matter what others think you should write what you feel. Even if it makes you feel little embarrassed, don’t care. What it does is it will make your content look unique because it is your own perspective thought.

2. Self Practice:

Although you have learnt something from someone, you can’t get the insight of the concept until you self practice it. For example, you never wrote any article or blogs, so you don’t know where and how to start. Trust me, i felt the same. Just start with a sentence, don’t feel bad if you can’t continue. Leave it there and take a break, don’t over think. Whenever you get ideas keep adding sentence-by-sentence. Even if it takes days to complete doesn’t matter.

3. Positive Frame of Mind:

What it matters the most is your frame of mind. So if you’re not in the good mood, do not write. A good frame of mind depends on few things
  • Surroundings: Yes. Your surroundings can ruin your writings. If you are staying in the noisy area you might not able to write quality articles. For me, I live in a small village where the main roads are little far from my home so my surrounding is good. And, important thing is you’ll be at your creative best when you are at home.
  •  Impatience: you just started blogging and you’re getting impatience. What it does is kill your creativity. Be patient, wait for the right time. You might feel this can’t be done, you can. Believe yourself. Worst thing is self-doubt. so avoid it.
  •  Distraction kills creativity: So it is important not to get distracted by your personal issues; like family problems, financial problems etc. Also it is important to ignore the critics. Be yourself, be happy.
  •  Eliminate Negativity: It is utterly important to eliminate the negativity from life. you won’t achieve anything with the negative frame of mind.
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4. Build Creativity:

How to build creativity? Let me explain you; you’re using social networks like facebook and twitter, what many people do is copy other people’s Status update or tweets. They never try to be original or creative. So whenever you use these social networks share your own words, insights. Play with words. In this way you’ll able to get creative ideas.

5. Keep Reading:

You might wonder how reading helps to create unique articles. Well, trust me it does. When you read lots of blogs and books you get a lot of different ideas and different styles. And, your vocabulary gets better. So the trick is to read as much as possible. Subscribe to RSS feed of your favorite blogs, signup for their newsletters, make a habit of reading. Also, participate in different forums.

You may Quit Blogging if you don’t adopt these skills

Blogging is not easy. Blogosphere is getting bigger day by day. Updating valuable and unique content is challenging. In order to survive in blogging you need to adopt some skills.

Writing Skills:

First and the uttermost thing as a blogger is his writing skills. You can’t succeed without the basic writing skills. Perhaps, I am not a good writer, but I try to keep the basics right.
How to improve your writing skills?
  • Read books: Yes. Reading books significantly improves your writing skills. You’ll get adopt to new writing styles and skills.
  • Practice: Take a note book or a blank sheet and write the shit out, even if it doesn’t make sense.
  • Watch and adopt: Watch the famous writers. Read their blogs, books. Adopt their style.
  • Join Twitter: Honestly, I was lazy to write even a single sentence before joining twitter. 140-characters limit twitter forced me to write and experiment with my vocabulary. If you not joined the twitter yet, join now.

Technical Skills:

No, no, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to manage technical issues of your blog. If you are not a techie no need to worry, managing blogs are easy these days. By Technical means you just have learn about few things like monitoring your site through Webmasters tools, securing your site from hacking etc. for example; Google is not indexing your blog posts. It happens when Googlebot can’t access your site due to some errors. You will not be aware of this if you don’t have webmasters tools account connected with your site. You will not get any search engine results. Due to this you may quit blogging.
How to build Technical Skills?
  • Don’t skip information: It is essential that you shouldn’t skip any information even you are not interested in it. Just take a glance on that subject.
  • Don’t fear: Do not fear to experiment with technical issues, even though you’re not a geek.
  • Be Curious: You might have heard the phrase: “There is no better teacher than curiosity”. Got the point? So, try to be curious and don’t afraid to experiment.

 Creative Skills:

Creativity is the essential thing in blogging. Without creative thinking skills you can’t survive much long. You need to adopt creativity.
How to build creative skills?
  • Question yourself: Questioning yourself helps to build creativity. Wonder how? Read the next point.
  • Find answer yourself: In order to build creativity, try to solve the puzzles yourself. For example; you are struck on a particular problem, don’t google right away, try to find the solution yourself. You never know you might end up inventing new thing!
  • Experiment: Don’t bother about outputs, just experiment.

 Promoting Skills:

This is the last and final skill you need to adopt. Even if you have above three skills and if you don’t know how to promote your blog then those skills will be wasted. In order to build readership you need to promote your blog.
How to promote your blogs?
  • Make Use of Social media: Since it is 21st century and almost everyone has a social media accounts, make a most of it.
  • Don’t afraid to share: This is crucial, do not afraid to share your work through social media or any other platform.
  • Encourage others to join you: Make friends with common-interest people. Invite them to join you.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ran out of blogging ideas? — How to overcome it

Blogging is not an overnight thing, it might look simple but it isn’t. It needs a lot of passion and dedication to perfect it.
It is necessary to update the blog regularly. That doesn’t mean you can write any bullshit. You need to generate unique and fresh content. For newbie’s it is obviously difficult to come up with different ideas every time.

Once in a while, everybody will come across this thing called ‘Writers’s block’. you don’t get any ideas to processed.
‘Running out of ideas’ is a choice, not an accident
What??? What are you saying? Isn’t it an accident? NOT.
Let me explain you; how and why exactly you ran out of ideas:
  • You stress a lot by over-thinking.
  • You are scared to express your words because you think it is not good enough.
  • You don’t read other blogs or books.
  • You bother about what other bloggers think.
  • You’re bothered about what your neighbors and their dog thinks.
Now tell me, isn’t this an option? You deliberately ran out of ideas. So the secret lies within you. Don’t let others to take control of your mind, and then see the difference.
This might not be the exact reason you’re not getting ideas, but similar.
Things to do to make sure you won’t run out of blogging ideas 
1.  Look how others are doing and get inspire:
  • What or who inspired you to choose blogging? Now go back there and get some inspiration.
  • Assume that blogging can make you an Entrepreneur: Stop assuming, it is reality. Blogging can actually make you successful entrepreneur. Just look at guys like Neil Patel from and Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome, these guys don’t need an introduction. The thought of becoming an entrepreneur isn’t enough to inspire you?
2.  Don’t you know ideas come from reading? 
Actually, I felt blank when I first tried to write a blog post years ago. What I learnt is the ideas come from reading, whether it’s a book or blog, you need to read regularly. ideas can come from anywhere.
3.  Experiment with your creativity:
Try to find the way out by experimenting with your creativity. Look everywhere; try adopting different methods and creative skills. Try to invent some original ideas. Write the first thing that comes to your mind, it’ll be always original, in my opinion. 
4.   Try to sneak everywhere to get ideas:
Use social media networks like Facebook and twitter. Participate in forums. Often try to visit yahoo! answers; this is the best place to get new ideas because people visit here to find solution for different questions.
5.   Take shower daily:
This might sound funny, but the best ideas come in the shower. Actually there is a scientific explanation behind it; while taking shower there will be a release of chemical called Dopamine in our Brain. Dopamine makes you feel good. This chemical will also be released while doing pleasure activities like playing games, listening music etc.
6.  You own a Brain, think:
Scientists say our brain is capable of storing million Gigabytes of memory. doesn’t it seem like we are wasting our natural hard-drives? Remember, your brain is different from others. There is no way that your brain can’t generate new and original ideas.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stampsy: A creative medium between a blog and a website

Here’s the scenario: A website is overkill and poorly aligned with your artistic vision, and relying on Facebook or Tumblr doesn’t quite cut it either. What you want is a socially oriented vehicle that caters specifically to visual storytelling and moodboard-type output.
Stampsy aims to fill that niche with a new, community platform for sharing stories and experiences. It allows for the artistic presentation of high-quality visuals, letting you publish your own work and that of others.
“This is a frictionless way to create a long-form narrative in a magazine-like format,” Roman Mazurenko, Stampsy’s co-founder, told TNW. “There are two types of Web editors out there: What You See is What You Get and What You Mean is What You Get; we have the latter.”

Stamps are units of content that you construct with a variety of images, text, video and audio to tell an overarching story. You can assemble content of your own creation or from other Stampsy community members for your narrative.
And it doesn’t take all day. Once you sign in, you can create a stamp in minutes.
While even easy Web builders require a concept and foster the expectation of consistent updates, Stampsy lets you create a unified but self-contained statement that serves as a complete and finished work.

Another fundamental aspect of Stampsy is its promotion of “remix culture” which encourages the use and reuse of other users’ content in the mashup of a new stamp. You can even build a stamp that does not feature any of your own content, if you want.
The platform’s Collect feature lets you save, repost or merge images from any other user alongside your own content to spin new stories.
Whenever someone else’s images are used, they appear with a credit and a link back to the original source; the creator is notified that their work has been used and credited in another Stamp.

This differs from Tumblr in that the image you re-blog does not go directly into your feed without context. Instead, you can save groups of images into a stamp to build the context you need.
Mazurenko sees collections almost as digital magazines that guide viewers to various different stamps. Users can also exchange creative ideas by pitching their stamp to a relevant collection, or starting a collection of their own, and recruiting stamps from friends and peers. “We hope that collections will evolve into proper online magazines for artists and designers,” Mazurenko said.

The Stampsy community supports the remixing content, both for the exposure and because everything gets credited back to the creator.
Stampsy is free and carries no advertising. However, Mazurenko is contemplating various ways to support Stampsy, such as offering a freemium version and then charging for added on capabilities, charging extra to users who want to keep their stamps private or offering fee-based accounts to brands.