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Friday, December 16, 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Must have Backup Software for Windows PC | Laptop | Computer

Business Person know that how much data is important to the business. And also we have to connected with the internet sometimes doing downloads from the computer may be harm our computer data and files. At that time we must have the security install in our system. If not, you worried about the data may be not harm your data but daily internet surfing risk our data so, some of the tools which really helps you to get the data back if deleted through malicious program.

Must have Backup Software for Windows PC | Laptop | Computer
Must have Backup Software for Windows PC | Laptop | Computer

Acronis Backup For PC
Acronis Backup provide fastest backup solution for the data recovery and also you can do remote backup using the Acronis Backup software. Easy to install and understand the process of installation. Acronis Backup provide encryption facility if the user need to transfer the data to somewhere else through Internet.
CrashPlan think for the Small to Big Business. CrashPlan provide cloud storage for your data to be protect. You can use CrashPlan for restoring your system data. They provide unlimited online backup of your data and you can get it anywhere from the world.
O&O Autobackup 5
O&O AutoBackup 5 backup your data and files automatically and keep them fully in sync. You can access offline and online your data. O&O Autobackup 5 provide digital backup of your photo and video. The process of O&O autobackup 5 provide automatic trafer of your file online and offline.
Paragon Backup And Recovery Home 16
Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 16 will provide full range of backup and recovery solutions with Reliable recovery of individual files or entire systems, Restore entire operating systems on new hardware platforms, Automate backup routines by scheduling operations for convenience, NEW Define scenario-based backup jobs, NEW Perform quick “stand-alone/single time” backups. Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 16 also the top backup and restore software.
AOMEI Backupper
AOMEI Backupper Free backup software to ensure data security with easy and fast operations, All-in-one data protection and disaster recovery solutions for PCs and Laptops, Automatic, full, incremental and differential backups simplify your backup tasks, Clone system partition or entire disk to migrate OS to SSD or upgrade disk, Dissimilar Hardware Restore, Bootable Rescue Disc, PXE Network Boot.

AOMEI Backupper will support Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP all windows operating systems.

Must aware about the Virus and other Malicious files. How to take backup of your important data in windows computer using the tools. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Best Android and iOS Alarm Apps that Will Sweetly Wake Up from Your Bed like your Wife do

Wake Up in morning it's too hard for word hard people. In Morning also problem in wake-up because of other trace and late night parties and next day go-to office on right time. we always put three to four alarms for wake-up in the morning one alarm don't work for us.

In revolution of smartphone operating System too much company launches their own smart-devices and lots of  other best function smart Device. So, in some of stage company customized their own alarm apps with some of features but now we can download and install our own customized Alarm Application for wake-up in morning sweetly from your bed.

We always want wake-up sweetly in morning from Android and iOS both Smartphone Alarm Application. In the market lots of Android and iOS apps which wake-up sweetly in morning below i am searching top 5 apps for Android and iOS mobile application free download with best features of alarm.

Android - Alarm Apps
1. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)- alarm
This is the top most popular apps for alarm people appreciated work of developer and also the best function apps for user. The Apps Alarmy is also World's Most Annoying Alarm App, featured by Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post etc.

Also you can get Supports for the developer or you can talk report and request to the features update

2. My Alarm Clock Free

My Alarm is the second popular apps on Play Store. In this app too much function available for use like.. Alarm Clock, Unlimited alarm support, Background alarm support, Non-stop alarm, Sleep Timer, Nightstand mode, Designer clocks, Beautiful clock widgets, Weather information.

3. AlarmMon (Must-have alarm app)

This is i loved apps which helps me lot for game alarm, call alarm, video alarm and much more alarm for special like me lazy man always depends on technology. Alarm always reminds you to do something in this time with sweet alarm ring and sounds which we like to wake-up. Also they covered features like Wake-up call from your bf, gf?

4.  SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm

This is the best function apps for all of fitness buddies who love to take care of their work and personal life with healthy and fit. This apps covered features like Smart Cycle Alarm, Movement Tracker, Sound Recorder, Sleep Debt Log, Data Analysis, Trend Graphs, Sleep Help, Auto-Wifi/Silence/Airplane modes, Export, Sync to 

iOS - Alarm Apps

1.  My Alarm Clock

This is the best apps for iOS also they provide mac and itunes you can sync your data from your mobile to your mac and run anytime alarm in your both device which nearby you. The My Alarm Clock available in 12 languages for different country and different people who want wake-up early in the morning. 

This all from we always search for you and write for you. if you know some of the other best Alarm apps which you most like and this must be here then comment below we appreciate your response if this is the best apps :) have a great Day

Saturday, May 14, 2016

7 Best Filmmaking Apps for iPhone

If you are Video Editor and always busy on shoot then you must have one of apps in your iPhone for video editing and i am sure that you love to install the App in your iPhone video and film-making apps for you.

I love Kodak Cinema Tool for my iPhone but i wonder too much for my video editing after that 7 of the best apps you must like from my collection. If you love to editing video and film-making then you must like one of below apps for your iPhone.

7 Best Filmmaking Apps for iPhone

1. theGripApp

4. MatchLens

5. 3D ST

This is my best collection if you know other apps for iPhone and want to share with us then you are welcome to share in comment box and you love above anyone then share with your friends and film-maker for better video editing :) 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Google’s Bazel tool for software builds and testing launches in beta

Google has announced the beta release of Bazel, an open source system for developers to create and test software builds on a variety of platforms.
The company says it uses Bazel to build most of its software, and that it’s suitable for projects that involve large shared code repositories and extensive automated testing and release processes.
Bazel promises potentially faster build times, as it can recompile select files instead of entire projects and can avoid re-running tests of code that it knows hasn’t changed.
However, the company acknowledges that it may not be useful if you’re running build operations whose outputs should not be cached, or if you’re using interpreted languages directly.
Bazel is available for Linux and OS X and can be used to build and test projects in C++, Java, Python and more.
It also includes support for building Android and iOS apps, as well as Docker images, and lets you use libraries from sources like GitHub and Maven. If you prefer, you can dig into Bazel’s API to add your own build rules.
Google says it hopes to add a Windows version, distributed caching, and Go support in its final release.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Great Coding and 3D Design Apps are now FREE

Autodesk has some very good news to you today. in a statement released earlier, Autodesk announced that it is providing its suite of apps for free for students and teachers  from all around the world. Of course the use of these apps is restricted to only educational purposes and not commercial.

Now both teachers and students will be able to access and use Autodesk's powerful coding and design making apps for free. According to Autodesk, more than 680 million students and educators from over 800,000 secondary and post-secondary schools in 188 countries can take advantage of free access to Autodesk’s professional software and services for use in classrooms, labs, and at home.

Some of the popular apps that students can now use for free to create 3D designs, games, movies, buildings, and many more are :

1- 3Ds Max
3D modeling software for games, film, and video content.

2- AutoCad
CAD design, drafting, modeling, drawing, and engineering software.

3- Fusion 360 Ultimate
Integrated tool for collaborative product development.

4- Maya
Innovative tools for 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering.

5- Inventor Professional
3D mechanical CAD, visualization, and documentation software.
ref. -

Sunday, February 1, 2015

50+ Best Free Android Tutorials | Web Resources To Learn Android Programming Online

Although, Android Programming language makes use of a specialized form of Java, the two are very different from each other. Android is defined as a software stack which consists of an operating system, key applications and middle-ware. It is meant for different kinds of mobiles and tablets. Most of the companies today are making use of Android programming language for the purpose of application development and maintenance and are constantly on the lookout for experienced Android developers. Hence, learning this language will put you one step ahead of all your competitors and will help you grab the best of jobs within the industry.

Android development expects you to be familiar with Java development. Java technology has grown huge and this may discourage a lot of people since you may think that you need to learn a lot of things before you can get started. Good news is that you do not need to learn everything in Java technology to be an android developer. Focus your learning on core java and move to Android specific tutorials/resources. 

The different kind of free web resources which will help you learn Android programming online are:

Free Websites

As a beginner, it is best to start with Android based websites which will give you a detailed description of all the aspects of an Android App (i.e. how does it look and feel) along with the capabilities of an Android platform.
  1. Official Developer Tutorial created by the android community and open source developers. This getting started tutorial is designed for beginner developers.
  2. Official Developer Tutorials Community Official developer tutorials created by android community. This tutorial is designed for experienced developers.
  3. Tutorial by Lars Vogel
    This is free single page web based tutorial created by Lars Vogel.
  4. Android Tutorials By Core Servlets 
    This site contains a series of android tutorial with exercise for each section. This site also contains some other good Java related tutorials for free.
  5. Android Hive
    Android Hive is a android tutorials blog by a enthusiastic android developer (Ravi Tamada), who likes to share his knowledge and experience with the world.
  6. Java Code Geeks
    This site contains Java and related technology tutorials and some of the Android tutorials are really useful in everyday android programming.
  7. Edumobile - This is a android tutorial blog that is created by experienced trainers. This site also offers
  8. HelloAndroid - This contains some good articles with code snippets.
  9. TutorialForAndroid - is a decent blog containing few android tutorials. The Drawing with Canvas series of tutorials on this blog are really good.
  10. Marakana Android Tutorial - This is a simple location service example by a develoepr at Markana Inc.
  11. HigherPass - This site contains some android tutorials as well.
  12. How to Create Android Wallpaper
  13. Script Tutorials
  14. Android Tutorial By TutsPlus
  15. Learn Android
  16. Android Programmer Guru - Its a dedicated blog with dozens of short and useful android tutorials.

Free Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are a very effective way to start out with Android. The massive tutorial series available online contains tons of free content, which is bound to teach you coding in the best possible manner.
  1. Chet Haase Android Tutorials on YouTube - Some really good and simple tutorial by google developer and author CHET HAASE on youtube are 
  2. By Udemy
  3. By OreillyMedia
  4. By MarakanaTechTV
  5. By Android User Group
  6. XDA Developers
  7. Other YouTube Playlists

Free E-books

The web is loaded with hundreds of free e-books on Android programming which contain all the fundamental concepts pertaining to the language, both at the beginner as well as advanced levels. You will not only be introduced to the language but will also get to learn important application like creating user interface, connecting to the network, storing data, etc.
  1. Android Tutorial By Stanford University
  2. The Complete Android Guide
  3. Android Tutorial
  4. Commonsware Android
  5. Andbook
  6. E Reading Llib Android eBook
  7. App Inventor eBook
  8. Android Security eBook

Free White Papers

There has been many companies doing parallel research on android and its abilities. These are some of the great advanced reading reference that you can use to be an expert at android development.
  1. White Paper By ATNT
  2. White Paper By NVDIA
  3. White Paper By MCafee
  4. White Paper By Texas Instrument

Best Free Web Forums To Ask Questions

These free web forums will help you become a part of the worldwide Android community where you not only get a chance to seek solutions to your own problems but can also share your own knowledge and expertise with others.
Before you jump on to a forum make sure you check the frequently asked questions on it for exmaple this FAQ at Stack Overflow
  1. Stackoverflow
  2. Androidforums
  3. Androidcentral
  4. xda-developers
  6. AndroidForum
  7. AndroidPit

Best Free Cheat Sheets For Java/Android

Java cheat sheets will act as your quick reference guide for Android applications as well. It contains all the important information in a nut shell and helps you take a quick look at the various concepts.
  1. Computer World Cheat Sheet - Android Cheatsheet
  2. Cheatsheet for Graphic Designers - Graphic Design on Android
  3. DZone Android Cheatsheet -DZone Refcard on Android
  4. Android Guidelines Cheat Sheet By Kinvey -Android Guidelines

Monday, September 1, 2014

Google Is Putting $50 Million Toward Getting Girls to Code.

Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Clinton want high school girls to embrace computer science.
The two women were on hand at a Google event in New York City on Thursday called Made With Code.

Made With Code is a new Google initiative to motivate future female programmers. Only 18% of computer science degrees are earned by women, and Google is spending $50 million over the next three years to change those numbers.

More than 150 high school girls turned out for the event, including local chapters of the Girl Scouts of the USA, Black Girls Code and Girls Who Code. Kaling, a writer and actress, emceed the premiere, which brought in Google X Vice President Megan Smith, Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton, iLuminate creator Miral Kotb, Pixar Director of Photography Danielle Feinberg and UNICEF Innovation cofounder Erica Kochi.

Feinberg, who has worked on films like Brave, Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc., spoke with the group about her early experiences with coding and how it has shaped her career. She also emphasized the importance of exposing girls to how fun coding can be.

"This is something that's so important to me that I'm happy to do anything that they want me to do and be as involved as possible," she told Mashable. "I think it's much easier to connect with when you can see it and you can hear it and get all the senses involved."

Smith spoke about why she spearheaded the campaign to get girls into coding. She took a coding class in high school, but described it as boring. Her goal for Made With Code is to show girls that figuring out coding can be challenging but rewarding: "We invited you guys because we wanted to share the incredible world that we live in every day."

After each speaker shared her personal experiences with coding, Swedish house music duo Icona Pop gave a private performance. iLuminate's robotic dancers, wearing light-up suits, also performed, giving viewers a live example of how coding and dance can be combined.

Girls then had the opportunity to peruse multiple demonstrations of coding in action, ranging from the practical to the simply fun. Demos included programming — and trying on — virtual dresses, designing 3D-printable bracelets and creating a dancing avatar.

One attendee was Brittany Wenger, 19, who won the 2012 Google Science Fair for her app that accurately diagnoses breast cancer and is also minimally invasive.

"I was the only girl in my high school computer science class," Wenger told Mashable. "My teacher was a female, so it was great to be able to look up to her ... I just wish everybody had that same experience."

Made With Code isn't a one-time event. The website links girls seeking encouragement to coding meet-ups in their area. Google Helpouts also makes tutorials explaining coding concepts.

As part of the event, girls were able to design custom 3D-printed bracelets, courtesy of Shapeways, a NYC-based 3D printing marketplace and community.

Old Coders: When Programming Is a Second Career

Liz Beigle-Bryant took her first programming class, BASIC, in 1973. At the time, computers were part of the math departments instead of the engineering departments, she recalls. And because she had a background in family art, everyone at her high school discouraged her from doing so.
Beigle-Bryant, now 57, didn't revisit coding again until a couple of years ago, when she signed up for Codecademy's free online tutorials. Though there was no immediate payoff, she found learning the skill helped ease the inevitable discouragement that comes during a job hunt.

"I felt like I was accomplishing something instead of wasting time on Facebook or [playing] phone games," she says. "It helped me feel better about myself so I could project a better image."
In 2011, Beigle-Bryant was part of a round of layoffs at Microsoft, where she had worked as an administrative assistant. That career path was, by her estimate, her fourth one. Others included a job as a costume designer on the short-lived series Hypernauts in 1996, which at least got her a mention on IMBD.

In her mid-50s, Beigle-Bryant decided on a fifth career. During her unemployed period, she spent up to eight hours a day on Codecademy learning HTML and, later, Python. Eventually, she accrued the skills to land a job at the University of Washington (where she has held various roles, including migrating data), though she wound up falling back on her business administration background. Though it wasn't exactly what she had in mind, Beigle-Bryant says she's thankful. "As you get older, you're an expensive commodity [to an employer]."

Faced with similar situations of unemployment, many bemoan their fates and even give up looking for work. Others, like Beigle-Bryant, learn new skills such as programming to make themselves more attractive job candidates. 

The U.S. unemployment rate in July was 6.2%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rate for programmers, meanwhile, is 1.3%, and the segment is projected to grow 8% over the next decade or so. Some recruiters believe there are as many as five jobs open for every applicant. As a result, the median salary for a programmer is $76,140, versus a median of $46,440 for all jobs.

The shortage of qualified applicants has led employers to lower their standards. A computer science degree is now a bonus rather than a requirement. Oftentimes, successful hires aren't even college graduates.

"I would say [we're looking for] anybody that can program," says Nicole Tucker, a recruiter for iCIMS, a New Jersey-based SaaS provider. "It's definitely the ability to be a problem solver. They have to be intellectually curious." Tucker adds that iCIMS has hired people who have learned to program via Codecademy or Coursera, another tech company that offers open online courses.
Stephen Babineau opted for something a bit more rigorous. Earlier this year, Babineau, who is a comparatively young 27, was accepted into Code Fellows, a Seattle-based company that provides intense boot camp-like courses that promise programming proficiency — even if you've never coded in your life.

Babineau, a former production assistant on Breaking Bad, among other projects, grew tired of 14-hour workdays. He also envisioned himself having a hard time with the physical demands of the job as he got older, which led him to try out for Code Fellows. Despite a lack of any programming knowledge, he was accepted and moved to Seattle for an eight-week program in the spring.

It was hard work. Babineau says he studied at Code Fellows 12 hours a day, five days a week — and then did homework on nights and weekends.In about the sixth week of the program, I got horrific eye strain," he says. "I talked to the teacher and he said take a night off, your sanity will much improve." Babineau took the advice and made it through the final leg of the program.
But it wasn't all drudgery. "I actually found that I enjoyed programming," he says.
Tucker says she looks for that passion in potential hires. The problem is, mid-career switchers aren't necessarily motivated — at least at first — by a love of coding. Inevitably, the lure of a higher salary and job stability have trumped their initial passion. That's why people are switching in the first place.

A recent study shows that switching careers solely for money and stability is a bad choice. Amy Wrzesniewski, an associate professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management, and Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, who led the study, looked at 11,320 cadets in nine entering classes at the United States Military Academy at West Point. They found that those with strong internal motives for success did better than those who were highly internally motivated but also strongly influenced by "instrumental" motives like the ability to secure a job later in life.

"Remarkably, cadets with strong internal and strong instrumental motives for attending West Point performed worse on every measure than did those with strong internal motives but weak instrumental ones. They were less likely to graduate, less outstanding as military officers and less committed to staying in the military," the professors wrote in the New York Times.
In other words, if you like fixing things and solving puzzles, you'll probably be a better coder and enjoy work more than someone who is merely doing it for the paycheck. But that goes for many lines of work.

It's not always clear, however, if you'll enjoy coding. So you might try Ryan Hanna's method.
Hanna, now 30, spent his first seven years in the workforce in IT. He had a very limited knowledge of coding, so he started teaching himself via Codecademy in 2012. Starting with HTML, he moved on to CSS and JavaScript. "I've been through every one of their things," he says. Eventually, he was putting in 16 hours a week. "Sometimes I forced myself to do 30 minutes. Other times, I picked my head up and three hours had gone by." After five months of this, Hanna began working on building an app called Sworkit, which generates random exercise routines to meet your schedule.

Hanna thought 100 downloads sounded like an exciting number. But after the website Lifehacker ran a story on Sworkit, he got 10,000 downloads in the first month. This year, Hanna sold Sworkit to Nexercise, which hired him as well. He now has a whole new career.

It doesn't always turn out that way. Zach Sims, cofounder of Codecademy, says a minority of students finish Codecademy course — which is what you might expect since anyone can start one. Either way, since the courses are free, it can't hurt to try. "There is this common misconception that programming involves deep math knowledge, Sims says. "But it's gotten easy and abstract enough for most people."

At the very least, spending a few hours on Codecademy will offer a better understanding of some of the technologies that largely pervade our lives in 2014. "It's never going to hurt to understand or demystify the technology," Tucker, the iCIMS recruiter, says. "Even if you don't ever land a programmer job."

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Report: Windows 9 Will Debut as Early as Sept. 30

Windows 9 may be coming even before you begin thinking about a Halloween costume. A new report says Microsoft will give the world a first look at the new version of Windows on Sept. 30 or soon afterward at a press event to announce a developer build of the software.

The Verge reports the date is tentative, but the general timeframe is the end of September/beginning of October. The software will be a "preview" version meant for developers, the report says, so it's unclear if the rumored public beta for Windows 9 would begin at the same time.

Windows 9, which Microsoft has codenamed "Threshold," will revamp Windows to address some key usability criticisms of Windows 8/8.1. For starters, it's bringing back the Start menu (which was "blown out" into the Start screen with Windows 8) and enhancing it with some elements of the "modern" UI. Also, modern Windows apps will be able to run within a window on the Desktop.

In the "rumored but unconfirmed" column, Windows 9 may also do away with the Charms menu, which has proved unpopular with users and developers (just try using the "Share" charm from any modern app). Cortana, the voice assistant on Windows Phone, is also expected to appear in Windows 9, although she may not be in the developer preview that's supposed to launch in the fall.

Representatives for Microsoft declined to comment on the report.

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Google Chrome Extension Lets Users Send Encrypted Emails

Google has plans to make its email more secure, using add-on encryption software that will work like any other extension for Google Chrome.

On its security blog Tuesday, Google announced it’s preparing a Chrome extension called End-to-End to make heavy-duty encryption easier for anyone to use.

Google already offers HTTPS, but its own email stats show only about half of Gmail messages are secured this way.

HTTPS does protect Gmail messages while they’re in transit — the TP in HTTPS stands for "transfer protocol." The OpenPGP standard Google is using in End-to-End will help secure Gmail messages while they’re at rest on the sender or receiver’s machine.

They’ll have to be encrypted and decrypted with public and private keys — so not quite as easy as refreshing your inbox — but as Google says, it will probably appeal to “those who need added protection.”

Google has released the source code for community review before it goes live.

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Welcome to Google Street View, Indonesia

Google launched Street View in Indonesia on Thursday, allowing users to see panoramic cityscapes and underwater views of the country's striking coral reefs. 

With a population of nearly 250 million, Indonesia is Google's biggest market in Asia thus far. The project was announced in partnership with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2012 and took two years to develop in an effort to boost tourism.

As Indonesia's Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Pangestu explained the partnership with Google in 2012:

Tourism is such an important contributor to Indonesia’s economy and with the help of features like Google Maps, we hope to promote sustainable tourism by giving people a whole new way to experience Indonesia," she said. "We believe this mapping technology will have many different uses allowing tourists to check out hotels before arriving, make travel plans and arrange meeting points.

Street View is now up and running in Indonesia's four biggest cities: Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya and Denpasar. Based on user feedback, the search giant may expand its service to other cities in the country. 

The Street View expansion into Indonesia includes stunning views of underwater reefs at Komodo National Park, taken with special panoramic cameras as part of Google's ongoing partnership with Catlin Global Reef Record.

Google first launched underwater views through Street View Oceans last year, and most recently expanded its underwater imagery to the Florida Keys. 

The company occasionally runs into privacy roadblocks when expanding to other countries, as it did in Greece. Because of this, it worked closely with Indonesian officials to launch the new project. 

Google Street View is already operating in several Asian countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Thailand. It's also available in more than 57 countries around the world.

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