Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This 9-year-old CEO is an international expert on hacking and cyber-security

He is only 9. He weighs a little more than 54 pounds and is about four and a half feet tall. He mounts a chair and addresses the elite audience of business leaders, cyber-security experts and techies on hacking, app development, and cyber-security.

Reuben Paul is from Austin, Texas, and is currently in the third grade. He is also the CEO of Prudent Games, a game development company. He is an acclaimed hacker who breaches into the smartphones and systems of people, just to prove to them how important cyber security is. In an interview given to iDigitalTimes, he says, “With all the data breaches, cyber-bullying and other kinds of attacks happening on the Internet, it’s important for us to teach kids and educate them on the dangers so they can protect themselves.”

According to the Times of India, Paul recently visited India as a keynote speaker at one of the biggest hacker conferences in the world, during the Ground Zero Summit, 2015. He quoted his hero Spider-Man, as he said, “With great hacking skills you get power, and with great power comes great responsibility.” He has been traveling the globe sharing his insights on hacking and cyber-security.
Reuben takes gymnastics and swim lessons, and loves to spend time with his friends and family. Once voted America’s most beautiful baby, he is also the youngest American to get a Black belt in ShaolinDo KungFu. His dream job is to be a business man by day and a cyber spy by night.


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