Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Twitter tool is all sorts of nonsense… but annoyingly irresistible - The Next Web

 So You’re The __ is an oddly compelling experiment created by Ramsay Lanier, which encourages you to call out the funniest/coolest/best/worst/weirdest folks on Twitter.
Once you sign in with your Twitter credentials, you can create an award for any account you like, adding a reason why they’re the best or the weirdest or just so damn cool, and a GIF to illustrate that emotion.

So You’re The __ then tweets the subject of your affections/disdain/curiosity to alert them and gives you the option to share your creation through your own account.
It’s an ultimately pointless exercise but it’s hard not to respond in kind when someone decides you’re the weirdest.


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