Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LG has its own virtual reality headset for the G3 smartphone

An LG spokesperson told Mashable that the company does not intend to sell the VR for G3 headset separately — it will only be available to new G3 buyers.
LG now has its own virtual reality headset, similar to the Samsung Gear VR. Designed to pair with the company's flagship phone, the G3, the gadget is similar to Google Cardboard in that it functions as a shell, with the VR experience rendered on the phone's display.
The LG G3 is one of the few phones on the market with a Quad HD display, making it an ideal device for use with VR applications. When using a phone as VR display, the user's eyes are just an inch or so from the screen, and the size of the pixels matters a lot. As with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the LG G3 has 3.7 million pixels to work with — which can make all the difference in some VR applications.
The plastic headset is based on the design for Google Cardboard, with Google makes freely available. Cardboard and the VR for G3 use a ring magnet on the side that works with the phone's gyroscope, which offers the user some limited control (since it's impossible to touch the screen when the phone is docked in the headset). LG also points out that the G3 design, with its rear-mounted volume and power buttons, potentially offers more convenience in a headset like this.
LG says it's kicking off a promotional giveaway of the headset for new buyers of the LG G3 in "select" markets, although it's not clear how customers will get them. The promotion will involve a QR code in the phone's packaging, which buyers can use to download the VR game Robobliteration.
LG says it does not intend to sell the headset outside of the promotion. Versions of Google Cardboard sell online for about $10 and higher.


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