Friday, February 20, 2015

Apple working on Web TV service like Dish's Sling TV: Reports

Apple is in talks with TV programmers about the new initiative. Apple hasn't time slots and pricing as yet 

Even as rumours are abuzz that Apple is extensively working on its Beats based music services, new rumours reveal Apple is developing Web TV service that is similar to Dish's Sling TV.

Rumours/reports suggest Apple is in talks with TV programmers about the new initiative that includes a paid TV service online. Apple has reportedly already shown programmers demos. The company plans to include certain programmes and sell directly to users.  Important decisions such as time slots and pricing haven't been fixed yet.

“That means Apple wouldn't be reinventing the way TV works today, but offering its own version of it, with its own interface and user experience,” says a Recode report.

It's notable Apple has been long rumoured to be working on a over the top video streaming service. After the launch of Dish's Sling TV service, it was believed Apple will launch its video streaming much sooner.

Earlier, Apple is reportedly planning to expand its Beats-based music service to Android platform. Apple will also update Beats’ social networking features, allowing people to follow their favorite artists as well as other users.



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