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4 Effective Ways To Produce Enchanting Content Without Effort

As you know content marketing is the latest trend in online marketing and blogging, every individual and businesses are constantly leveraging their content strategies, and if you don’t know the way to keep up the pace to generate new contents, you’ll stay behind in this rat-race.
Producing quality contents regularly takes massive effort and strategies, Content strategies, to be specific. According to Wikipedia; “Content strategy is the practice of panning the content creation, delivery and governance.” So, how strong is your content strategy? Do you have any content creation strategies? If not, don’t worry, I’ll share some of the simple but effective techniques to generate new contents with ease.
According to a recent study by AOL and Nielsen, over 27,000,000 pieces of contents are shared every day. Your content would be would be like a needle in the haystack if you don’t produce quality contents that are worth reading and sharing. There are lots of guide that teaches how to leverage your content marketing strategies. However, content creation is a challenging task; with so many blogs writing the same thing every day, it has become quite difficult process.
It is hard to brainstorm new ideas every time, but you can’t afford to stop producing new contents.
So, what are those ways or methods by which you can produce enchanting contents without much effort? Read on.

It is easy to list out things – List Posts

This is by far one of the easiest content creation methods, and it works quite well. Writing a list-based post is easy and it doesn’t take much time effort; you can complete a 700 words list posts within 20-30 minutes. Moreover, people like list-posts, because it is easy to scan and read. As you know, online readers has a short attention span and don’t like much distractions while reading. List articles have more chance of getting viral or popular than non-list articles.
Advantages of list posts
  • Easy to create
  • Readers friendly; distraction free
  • More chance of getting viral
  • Less time-effort required
Now you know the advantages of list-post, so how to create it?
How to create list-posts easily?
  • Select the topic you want to write
  • Outline the Title
  • Add Headings and subheadings first
  • Research; search for similar articles on Google
  • Pick ideas from similar articles (but don’t copy)
  • Tweak and add your points and perspective (it’s important)
  • Finish it with your conclusion
Some examples for List-based posts:
Content Ideas Generating tools

In case you can’t find a topic to write, or if you’re struggling with writer’s block, then use the above content ideas generating tools. With these free online tools you can easily find new content ideas to write on.
Just within 30-40 minutes you can write a quality list-based post without compromising quality.

Teach people – Publish How-to Articles easily

If you’re blogging since couple of months and have some Technical knowledge and Skills, then it is easy to write how-to articles.
For example; if you’re running a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you can easily write how-to articles on the topics like; WordPress plugins, WordPress widgets, FTP tutorials, web hosting, website set up tutorials, etc.
Producing How-to articles doesn’t require long hours of brainstorming effort; you can use your basic knowledge to write these kinds of articles.
Sample examples for How-To articles
As you can see, there are numerous opportunities to write How-to articles quite easily. Moreover, How-to articles are search engine friendly, because people use search engines to find solutions to their problems, and how-to articles are the best guides.
So, how to write these How-to articles?
Do research; there are lots of How-To guides on internet and if you want to stand out from the crowd, then do some research on potential problems, and write exclusive posts. WordPress forums (or any other forums) are the best place to find the problems that people are usually looking for. Basically, there are still many newbies who always look for detailed how-to articles or guides.
Also, you can easily write Review Articles by reviewing a product. Here’s Example articles;

It’s easy to contact big guns online – Interviews

Believe it or not, it is easy to contact influential people online than offline. So in case you ran out of content ideas, you can easily publish interviews that can bring some quality (also authority) to your blog.
Just drop an email to Top Bloggers or some online entrepreneurs, majority of them will reply. Guys like Neil Patel from Quick Sprout openly said that he never says ‘no’ to Interviews even though he is quite busy, because he knows that interviews are the another opportunity to promote his brand for free.
So, if you run out of ideas to generate new contents, just select an influential person and shoot some questions.
How to take Interviews?
  • Select a person who you want to interview
  • List out some questions before you approach
  • Drop an email for interview
  • Only ask appropriate and sensible questions
  • Publish the interview
By publishing expert interviews on your blog, not only you get a blog post, you also get an expert opinion that will be helpful and add value to your readers.
Your only work for publishing this type of articles is – listing out some sensible questions to interview.

People like Inspirations – Quote Posts

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs” – Farrah Gray
“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln
The above quotes are very inspiring to pursue your dreams, isn’t it? Right.
As you see, quotes inspire people to take actions, quotes are like call to action buttons, and quote post can get popular or viral. Moreover, you can make a quality post from it without much work.
So, how to create quote post easily?
Simple, go to Google and list out the quotes that suits your niche or business.
Here’s couple of quote post examples;


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