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Monday, January 30, 2017

List of Best Atom Packages

NoAtom Package Name
1Seti UI and Themes
2Open Recent
5Highlight Selected
6Bonus After-hours Add-ons
7Color Picker
10Remote Edit

1. Seti UI and Themes
Seti UI and Themes - List of Best Atom Packages 

2. Open Recent
Open Recent - List of Best Atom Packages
3. TODO-show
TODO-show - List of Best Atom Packages
4. Minimap
Minimap - List of Best Atom Packages 

5. Highlight Selected
Highlight Selected - List of Best Atom Packages 
6. Bonus After-hours Add-ons
Bonus After-hours Add-ons - List of Best Atom Packages 

7. Color Picker
Color Picker - List of Best Atom Packages 

8. Emmet
Emmet - List of Best Atom Packages 

9. Beautify
Beautify - List of Best Atom Packages 

10. Remote Edit
Remote Edit - List of Best Atom Packages 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top 10 PHP Cross-Platform Editors

PHP editors or in other words IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) are necessary when you are developing web or mobile applications. In this article, I’ll talk about PHP editors and share a list of top 10 PHP cross-platform editors.

1. Aptana

With Aptana you can build web applications easily and quickly. It utilizes the flexibility of Eclipse and totally works as a powerful web development engine. It’s core capabilities are to debug, preview, edit and build PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ruby on Rails web applications.

2. Bluefish

Bluefish is a very powerful code editor aimed towards web developers and programmers, with flexible options to develop websites, programming code and scripts. Bluefish supports many languages like PHP, Ada, C/C++,, Perl, Python, SQL, MediaWiki, XML and many more.

3. Eclipse

Eclipse is a best multi language editor for writing code. It supports languages like PHP, COBOL, Python, Ruby, Fortran, Ruby on Rails, Erland, Scala and many more.

4. Editra

Editra is a simple editor for creating code in PHP and over 60 programming languages. It has Bidirection Find/Replace with support of regular expression, auto-indent, block indenting, bracket highlighting, file history, multilingual interface, tabbed windows and many more features.

5. Emacs

Emacs is a customizable and extensible code editor. Initial version of Emacs was developed by Richard Stallman in 1976. It also has the ability to print and format documents such as word processor.

6. Geany

Geany is a code editor with basic functionality, and works as a fast and small integrated development environment (IDE). It supports many languages and file types.

7. jEdit

jEdit PHP editor is written in Java, so it can run on all platforms. It has extensible plugin architecture, built-in macro language and over 150 plugins for many different application areas.

8. NetBeans

NetBeans was primarily written for Java, but later you can also write code in HTML5, C++, PHP and many more. The bundle for PHP includes zend framework support, symfony framework support, PHP unit testing, code debugging and code coverage.

9. ActiveState Komodo

If you want to work with a PHP editor with good interface, Komodo Edit is the best choice. You’ll find amazing coding experience in many web languages for example JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Perl, Ruby, PHP and Python.

10. SciTE

SciTE also knows as SCIntilla bases text editor was originally built to demonstrate Scintilla (an open source code editing component) by Neil Hodgson, and first version was released in 1999. SciTE includes features like regular expression replace with subgroups, replace in selection, copy formatted, API files, code folding, find in files and different width fonts.